Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The lucky readers

And this is why I don't do giveaways!  I'm terrible with the follow through.

Thanks for your patience though.  With the help of, the winners are..


The best gift that I've given to someone was a ship's clock that I bought for my husband for our first anniversary. He had always owned a boat (from 10' to 35') so he loved all things nautical. We still have that clock and it faithfully bongs (loudly) the hours and half hours. He loves it!! Thanks for the chance to win - I've read all of the Chiaverinni books and my favorite was the first one, The Quilter's Apprentice, but I love them all. Your statement that you feel like you are there at the manor is right on!!


oh there are so many to choose from.....lets see..when my niece was 2 I gave her a costume of BabyBop that I made without a pattern. she loved it. loved it so much when she was 4 and it no longer fit we have a pic of her trying to fit into it! she is now 20 and cant wait for her baby to wear it. thanks for the chance to win!


Fun giveaway! I've never read any of her books but would love to. I've enjoyed giving away all the quilts I've made as gifts. Oh and a couple of years ago I bought my husband a kayaking lesson and he loved it!

Oh gosh how I would love to win her book. I have never read ANY of them!

The best gift I have ever given was a quilt I made for my dear father this Christmas. Dad was diagnosed with two totally different types of cancer 2 years ago. Since then, my dad, who was NEVER cold has starting feeling chilly when he sits in his chair resting. I made him a warm, wonderful flannel and faux suede quilt. It was the highlight of my Christmas...and his.

Thanks for the chance to win.

The best gift I have ever given was a bouquet of flowers, sent to my mom and dad on MY birthday with a note thanking them for that day __ years before. Even tough old dad shed a tear on that one. Carol


I've loved the Elm Creek Quilts books and donate regularly to Linus, so I am really looking forward to reading this one over summer vacation! It's hard to pick a favorite gift - but since my kids are still young, it would have to be some of the special items they've received from Santa over the last couple years. What bigger example of a parent's love for their child is there, than to give somebody else the credit for the best present that the child really really wanted? My son's first football - Santa. My daughter wanted a stuffed guinea pig - Santa. The scooter and the remote control helicopter - the big guy in red. Seeing their joy when their faith in his abilities is confirmed is totally worth it!

I'd love a chance to win a book written in English! I live in Hokkaido and don't read Japanese. I found your blog last summer when I was looking for a fabric store and found your post about Kanariya in Sapporo. I have been there many times after that and have been reading your blog ever since.
I always think the best gifts are the ones I make. In January I finished a small quilt that looks like an aquarium of fish and sent it to the US as a baby gift.

I've given my sister some little clothes I made for her little daughter. She is so cute. I'm now finishing a quilt for her to play on. I love the books from these series. Thanks for the chance!!


Thanks everyone for playing.  Emails have been sent  to the winners.  Congrats!!


  1. thanks sew much for the chance to win Jessica!

  2. Jessica I received my package! thanks again for the book and lovely note.

  3. Jessica -

    I received my giveaway today. I am absolutely THRILLED! The pin is beautiful and the fabric is GORGEOUS! I intend to use it to make something REALLY special...just for ME; of course I haven't figured out what yet, but when I see the right pattern I will KNOW it! Thank you so very much.


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