Becky teaches EPP

(This post could also have been called "why I have the coolest friends in the world")

This week my old college roommate was visiting from the UK and so a few of our old housemates got together for some girl time (and baby cuddling).  The baby was sweet and took a nice long nap, so after I popped dinner in the oven, we all sat around the living room and chatted about things.  Not surprisingly (or uncommon in my house and in my current circle of friends), Becky was stitching and chatting and talk turned to quilting. 
 Now Rachel and Trish aren't quilters (yet), so understandably they had a lot of questions.  Before I could answer any, Becky jumped down and started pulling out sprockets and templates... it was great.  Usually I'm the one going on obsessively about EPP, but not this time!
Becky is making a Sprocket quilt, from Christina's tutorial and quilt along.  She started it just a few weeks ago and already has 4 done, with a 5th nearly ready.

Her background is light light grey and the colored rings are monochrome but scrappy.  The two non-quilters were intrigued enough to follow us up to the sewing room for me to give Becky some extra 1.5" diamond templates, but when she and I started pawing through the scrap bin looking for more fabrics, we kinda lost them (oh well).  Still, it was really energizing to watch someone talk about quilting so passionately.  I can completely appreciate that-- she's in the thick of a new project and loving it.  I'm loving it for her too.
Oh, and as you can see from her blog, Becky's a veterinarian, so her stitches are immaculate!  I wish she had time to blog more about quilting (nudge, nudge), but until then, I'll do it for her, hehe.


  1. Looks like fun! I just watched your video--great! I love George's participation. It's amazing how well you can teach with a kid in your lap. Can't wait for your book to come out. I've got a project in mind.

  2. What brilliant fun! My fingers are now itching to do some diamonds!!

  3. What fun! That is so cool!

  4. Diamonds and hexagons together - I might have to try that next!

  5. She is rocking it! I had better finish up on how to do the edges, she is going to need it!! Yay Becky! Jess I saw your book a couple days ago and it is really lovely! Hugs.

  6. I love this block! I can see it in the new Kate Spain line!!!

  7. Fantastic work. I love your blog.


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