I think I need a bigger design wall..

but that means we'd have to raise the ceiling a few feet...
I've been making steady progress on my Orphan Block Soup quilt.  This morning I finished the pink slabs (they measure roughly 16.5" square):
 Then I paired them with the taupe and made HSTs.  I haven't trimmed them down yet but just threw them up on the wall to see how it was going.  I pulled out the blue circle block from the bottom of a "I'll work on this when I have the time" bin and gave it a good press.  Only one of the circles is appliqued.  I really want to use that block, and I'd love to do up one or three more, but I know me and when I start to add on to quilts with hand appliqued plans, they usually end up back in the bin.
I have tons more of the taupe fabric (I bought some years ago, loved it and went back to buy the rest of the bolt), so I guess I could test out a bunch of options, but that's really not like me.  I think I'll look at it for a while longer, make a decision and dive in.  I'm liking it so far though.  Thoughts?


  1. i'd be happy to applique your blue circle blocks...won't take too long :) i need something to work on in front of the TV

  2. Wonderful, the taupe is a great addition. My appliqued blocks get ignored also. Take Shannon up on her generous offer.

  3. Looks great - but I think it would match my couch better than yours!

  4. oh circles in the 4 corners would be so awesome! love it so far!

  5. I love what you're doing here! It reminds me that an orphan block quilt is in my future too. So fun to put together.

  6. Ok now that makes sense, I didn't like the pink circles block when you first showed it to us but with these pink collage blocks and then more circles on the four corners it sings a different tune. The Taupe neutral in between rests the eye from all that busy pink business and I like how the blue circles pull those blues from the inner boarder block . Good choices are going to show even scraps can find a lovely home.

  7. Taupe is my very favorite neutral...it loves every color. Great choice!!


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