Beach sewing.

Finally!  the stars aligned, the baby was sleeping, and I got to relax and sew on the beach!  Now my vacation is perfect~
(the white thread is me holding the needle and the phone as I took the picture.  Had to act fast, it was windy..)

The blog tour is over at Katy's today, I hear she's got some music recommendations for us..

Hoping you get to do something that makes you happy today.


  1. Hi, Jessica...It's lovely that you are able to work on your hexie's by the beautiful Agean Sea!

    This picture reminded me that I have a question for you. I usually use a straight pin to hold my fabric and paper together but you use paper clips. I'm wondering if my method is incorrect?

  2. hai.. coming from malaysia.. can't wait to see the final output friend!

  3. Hoping to win the book. Have visited each blog on the tour. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I use 2 paper clips on my EPP hexies, too! I saw (somewhere on the internet) that hole punching the paper pieces makes them easier to extract later (boy, howdy - it's the truth)! :)


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