Monday Morning Star Count 4

I've got a little fessing up to do this week..
See, our Athens trip is over and today I'm packing up to leave.  The clothes are washed, the toys sorted, the drawers empty save for the beach gear we'll leave behind..
but then I came to the shelf where I had been piling fabric and quilt notions.. and I open the suitcase to pack and find projects I  brought with to work on but never touched!
Do you do that?  Think you'll have more "free time" on vacation than you actually do?
So, now I'll come clean. 
For this trip, I brought a total of 9 quilt projects to work on, 5 of them were separate EPP boxed projects.  I finished ONE project, start to finish! yay! (don't get too excited, it was a pin cushion-- tutorial photographed but still unwritten).  I also made significant progress on my Rain hexie pouch, but the projects involving a sewing machine or hand applique-- didn't even take them out of their bags.  However, I did manage to start a NEW epp project, for which I'm  happy to report my progress. :)

I finished the second star!  Only 5 more to go!

Now it's your turn~ Trina, Becky, Helen, Christa, Fiona?  How far have you gotten this week?


  1. These stars are really inspiring, wonderful summercolours!

  2. So pretty I love the colors.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I try to bring a project with me on vacation. But then I always feel like my family would like me to put it away and just spend time with them. It is so hard to find a balance. Your stars are looking fabulous. I like your color choices.

  5. I am on vacation right now...reading my blogs at the beach. I brought 50 leaves to applique. I have 8 finished in 3 days. Usually do 6 watching tv after dinner at home.

  6. The colorful stars look great! Can't wait to see how the finished project turns out!

  7. Those are adorable! Have you mentioned what you're going to do with them? I'm not linking up- I think I may have made a whopping 20 hexies this week.

  8. Hello, Jessica ;>)
    I decided to follow you and your seven stars, as my new EPP project... not knowing exactly what you're gonna make with them, or how you will set them together. I consider it as a "Jessica Mystery Stars Project" and it's FUN!
    I just blog posted about my beginnings...

    THANKS for the inspiraton, dear!

  9. Your stars are so lovely. I`m looking forward to see more.
    Grit from Germany


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