Monday Morning Star Count 7

*big sigh*
I guess I've fallen into a routine again because it seems I just catch my breath and it's Monday again!  Huge apologies to everyone who has commented or linked up that I didn't get to reply to this week.. whenever my eyes turn off my kids and towards my phone, they quickly snap me back to attention.  I've had to wait til after bed to spend any real time online or in the sewing room, and I just haven't been able to keep up.  I'll keep trying though.  I LOVE seeing what you all are doing!
As for me..
I finished star #4!

Have you seen the amazing English paper piecing that's been stitched up this summer?  If you're new to the MMSCount, be sure to check out the lovely shades of blue here, here, and here, some yellow, orange and blue over here (one of my favorite color combos), and some crazy tiny hexies over here (and I thought mine were small..)

Now that I've got 4 stars done, I thought I could join them and see my Seven Sisters pattern come into focus, but when I laid them on the floor last night.. a bunch of other layouts started seeming attractive.. so I guess I don't know what I'm going to do yet.  Just keep going, I guess.  3 more stars left.

Oh! And FYI-- My book is on sale at this week!  25% off, woohoo!  If you've been waiting to get your copy, now's the time.  Pick up more templates while you're at it~


  1. I know what you mean about life getting busy. Don't worry. We are glad you are able to get here when you can :)

  2. Lovely! Yes, things get busy, especially with little ones around - you're making so much progress with those hexies!

  3. I know this problem. Though I don't have any kids there is always so much to do otherwise. The day should have 60 hours.
    I love these stars you are making out of these cute hexies. It starts giving me ideas ...
    BTW: Thank you for the wonderful tips in your book. I now have a little plastic box with EPP in my handbag and find me piecing almost everywhere.


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