Going to Market?

Me?  Sadly, no.  But this mini quilt from my book will be there, in the Paperpieces.com booth!
The patterns in the back of the book were all just done as samples (except for p. 109, Ayane's star.  There's a photo of the quilt on p. 48), so I quickly added borders and quilted it up in time for Market.
I took a few photos of the process, and while it's far from a full tutorial, I thought I'd post them to show how I did it..

* First I cut border strips 4" wide and lined one up with the lines on my cutting mat.  Then I carefully placed the freshly-pressed EPP patchwork on top, overlapping the bottom edge of the border. (When you press your EPP, remember to tuck in any seam tails).
* Next I took my ruler and lined up the top of the border strip with the 4" mark on the ruler.  I gently pulled the EPP down until the inner points of the edge were aligned with the ruler's 1/2" mark. (Look at the 9 at the center of the ruler).
* Then I carefully pinned the EPP part to the border strip.

* And machine topstitched it into place.  This is a view from the back so you can see that 1/2" of the border is underneath the innermost points of the EPP.  I do not cut away the excess at the top points.
For this piece, I cut my border strips extra long and mitered the corners.  I would have taken photos except I bribed George for quilting time by letting him play Bad Piggies on my phone and he was getting tired of pausing the game so I could take step-by-step shots.  I was too lazy (and in a hurry) to find the real camera, so this is as far as the tutorial goes.  Hope it makes sense.  If anyone has questions, just ask.

I am very happy that a little part of me will be at Market this month, and happy too that I have a small finish to link up this week at Crazymomquilts.  If you are lucky enough to be going to Houston, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!  And please post often to Instagram so I can follow along from home!


  1. Thanks for posting the photos you took, and no need to apologize about not having more....you do so much already. I cannot imagine how you juggle being a full time mom of two lively little boys, keep a beautiful house, cook, quilt, blog, and write a book! I'm most impressed with all you do so well.

  2. drat! Was hoping you'd be at market this year! I'll keep a look out for your quilt! Miss you!

  3. Oh, that was a cute one! I love that line of fabric, too. I can't thank you enough for the book and getting me started in EPP. I'm actually currently hosting an EPP link party for all kinds of EPP on my blog. I'm excited to see what variety of projects are going on out there. Join is if you'd like. It'd be an honour to us!
    hydeeann sews (dot) blogspot (dot) com
    I would have linked in to your diamond party but I'm not doing diamonds right now. They are on my list, though. :)

  4. Such a cute quilt...at least it gets to go to market, right?!?! Love all of your EPP, wish I could get more in myself. Thanks.

  5. How exciting to be represented in Houston! I am loving my epp project. Thanks!

  6. What a great way to do this - I would be cutting around each hex and complaining the entire time. Thank you!!


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