I bet you could make one of these faster than me...

A finish on Friday?!  I didn't even plan it this time.  (this should have been done soooo long ago).  Happily linking up with Crazymomquilts today~

Here is my Diamond Hex pillow, all done!  And a good thing too, the workshop for Long Island Quilters Society is on Monday.  If you're free Monday during the day and you're in the New York area, why not consider coming out to join us?  Email me and I'll put you in touch with the guild's program coordinator.  There are still plenty of spots available.

When the guild contacted me for a lecture/workshop in October and I started thinking about a sample, I immediately went to my comfort colors-- blues, greens, browns.  But then I asked George what colors he would choose, and he pulled pink, pink, pink.  I trusted his instinct and this is perfect for Valentine's season and the beginning of spring.  Sure, it's only 18F in NY today, but I'm thinking warmer thoughts..


  1. I do love the pinks. Of course that is my favorite color.

  2. I love the colors!! My DD wants some pillows so maybe this will be one of them.

  3. Lovely pillow.

    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  4. great pillow. love it! that's right, think warmer thoughts. it is 2 in Taunton! brrrr

  5. I absolutely love it! The colors are perfect and they do remind me of warmer weather :) it will get here sooner or later!

  6. The colors in your pillow are amazing and brilliant!

  7. This looks lovely!

    Any suggestions for linktutorials for sewing a border like yours? I fail at it every single time...

  8. Beautiful! Hexagons were the first EPP shapes I ever tried, and I love them! Lovely finish!


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