Hokkaido sewing class

I love Skype.
My first quilting mentor, Mrs. Kubota in Hokkaido, teaches patchwork classes out of her home.  She recently got a tablet and we have started skyping once a week.  Tonight she called me during her class and I got to meet two of her students (Hi Noriko! Hi Chiharu!) and see what they are working on.
They both made pincushions from Quilting on the Go with adorable hedgehog buttons (how did I not get a screen shot of that?), and Chiharu is working on a sewing kit (Mrs. K's pattern), with an EPP hexie front.  Isn't it cute?
I made my first sewing kit when I started visiting Mrs. K in 2002  (have I really known her for 12 years?!  Man, I miss Japan.), I should pull that out and blog about it some time.  Anyway, I've been admiring several sewing kits both in real life and on Instagram lately, and I hope to find time to make a new one for myself soon.  If you've made one or have seen a cute one online,  I'd love to see it.  Please send me links.

It would be so fun to join in their sewing group every week, at least for a little show and tell.   I'll try to be more prepared next week, and remember to take more pictures!


  1. What fun! I wish I could join the class. I'm in Hokkaido and still so far away. I'll look forward to reading more about Mrs. K and her class!

  2. Great post...keep inspiring us all....sharing is such a joy that keeps future generations inspired to start EPP

  3. The pin cushion was the first thing I made from your book too ... I love to think of lots of us around the world doing the same thing!

  4. what fun! my friend SIlve is an honorary member of our craft group, she lives 2.5 hours drive away.
    I show photos of her work at our show'n'tells, before the session begins.

  5. What fun! I love how technology is shrinking our world.

  6. Isn't that wonderful, indeed !
    THANKS for showing *Ü*

  7. I would love to have a little sewing kit like that. I like useful things!

  8. It is so cool to be able to skype with folks so far away. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words


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