Monday Morning Star Count 2014/9

135 stars.. that's how many are in Merrill's quilt.
 She brought it over this weekend with some fabric and a deal-- if I bind it, I can bring it along for my trunk shows.  I've got a lecture/trunkshow coming up on Tuesday, so it was pretty easy to agree to this idea.
The quilt is for Sabrina, who proudly pointed out fabrics to George.  I, of course, loved seeing the two of them pour over it like true quilters' children.  You can read more about the quilt in Merrill's guest post here.

I am so lucky to get to keep this quilt in my house for a while, it brightens up the whole living room!  We made the quilts simultaneously and even though there are a lot of shared fabrics between the two, they look completely different (to me anyway, what do you think?).  There is a pic of them side by side here.  
For this week's progress report, I have bits and pieces to show.. most of diamond #4 and the start of #5.. 
I may be teaching this pattern at a workshop next weekend, so I need some "in progress" pieces to explain how I assemble the block.  Yeah, that's a bad excuse, but I'm sticking with it..

Please tell me you have all been more productive?


  1. Beautiful finished quilt and sweet picture of the children! The more I see of "hexagons made into a diamond" shape, the more I think I will be trying it soon. Kawaii kiren desu.

  2. I love both of your quilts. Your colors are deeper and Merrill's quilt has more pinks and mid tones. How nice of her to share her quilt with you. That's a real friend for you!!!!

  3. I enjoyed your lecture at Huntington Quilt Guild last night. I have started a blog this year also. Do you have any good resources for learning more about improving my blog? Please have a peek. And thank you in advance!

  4. Oh my! Look how grown up those two are! Please pass on my "Wow - it's beautiful" to Merrill.


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