Monday Morning Star Count 2014/14

I have had SO MUCH EPP this week!  I'm almost overwhelmed by it, almost sick of it, but then the truth hits me-- I've tried to stop, to work on other quilts, but I can't.  You can never have too much EPP.
I don't think I will ever get tired of people bringing their EPP beginnings (or finishes) to share with me, like these from my lecture in Mineola last Thursday--

Or the delight that comes from giving a small patchwork gift to a friend.
(I made this little pin cushion for Laura out of 1" hexies and walnut shells)

And I couldn't count the amount of times I heard a quilter say something like, "ooh, this is addictive"  "I really like this" or "I could see myself doing this all the time" in the past week (taught or guided 3 EPP workshops/sew ins in 3 days).  Seeing the spark in other quilters as they piece peacefully is one of the new joys in my life.  Thanks guys. 

Because I have been using Travel Quilt #5 as a teaching tool for these workshops, I haven't made much progress.  No new completed diamonds to share, but I did do the center of this birdie one.
How about you?  Progress big or small, we'd love to see it~


  1. Ahh yes the old epp shoulder is rearing it's head with me too.
    Looks like a great get together x

  2. I would love to hear you lecture, looks so fun! Totally agree and am hooked on epp (I'm a poet and I know it!!) Xx

  3. Now that my tendons in my arm are healed I have started back to epp...this time I will be sure and take more breaks during my stitching times...your little bird is lovely surrounded by that fabulous blue!

  4. I love seeing what others are doing! I have yet to become tired of my hexagons. I've worked on my blue quilt every week since last summer, along with other projects that come and go. Your bird surrounded by blue is very cute!

  5. I love hearing about your lectures and seeing how much fun everyone is having! So cool and inspiring to see their work too!

  6. I'd love to be part of an EPP group! That would be too much fun! I love your pincushion too. :)

  7. Your pincushion is so cute! And the pillow!

  8. that cushion looks lovely and I heart the birdie!

  9. After seeing your cute pincushion, I pulled out my 1-inch hexies and some cheerful fabric and stitched one up. I'm now looking for a smaller bag of walnut shells. The pet store only had a huge bag, enough for a million pincushions. I really enjoy reading your blog. I don't know any EPP quilters where I live. The woman all look at me a little oddly and offer to let me use their sewing machines.

  10. Hi, Jessica
    Can you tell me where I can find these diamond reusable plastic templates for making EPP? I saw them in your book, if possible any shop in Spain or at least in Europe.

    Thanks for the video tutorial, it's very useful.
    Can I ask you something? In the diamond, do you have to leave that "tail" in both points? Why? it's not better to fold it as you do in the hexies.

    Thanks for your help


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