Monday Morning Star Count 2014/16

Stitch, stitch, stitch!
In several stolen moments throughout the week I was able to put together a bunch of diamond units from all the class samples I had floating around.  Here's my stack all spread out. 
I'm currently at 9 of my hopeful 20 units before the summer.  I have decided to count the partials (edge units) into this total or I will never reach my goal.  I mean, hey, they're my rules, it's ok if I break them.

How did you do this week?
Before you all link up, I want to give a shout out and a BIG THANK YOU to Judy in NC, who saw my ISO post for the black spotted fabric and sent me 2 yards!  I feel much better about choosing this for my background now.  Hopefully this week I can get some filler strips done and show you what the pattern will look like all put together.  (and I really need to join the units to free up some templates...)


  1. I Epp piece all the I finaly made an improve table runner I love love....... I have some to use for Quilts keeping the colors bright and modern very impove. love your work its infpiring

  2. I'm so glad Judy was able to send you the backing fabric. I haven't had any luck on my end. I enjoyed your Easter post. Such a wonderful photo of the four of you. I finished my 36th and final star. Alas, no link though.

  3. Great news on the fabric! Looking forward to seeing it joined up...

  4. These are looking great together!

  5. What a happy scrappy look! Want to see the whole pattern soon....


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