Monday Morning Star Count 2014/17

After last week's post I was excited to choose some new fabrics for more diamonds, but then I lost my motivation to stitch them together.  I can't explain it really, it just happens.  I started to feel a bit meh about the project so I repacked my sewing kit and then shelved it for a while. 
Instead, I took out a WIP from last summer, 3/4" hexies in scrappy stars:

I need 11 more background diamonds so that's what I've been focused on this past week.
It's fun collecting bits of neutrals, I don't have a lot of neutral scraps so I'm actually cutting from larger pieces of fabric, just 3 or 4 squares of each, and I like how it's coming along.

If you've got EPP progress to share, please link up~


  1. What a great combination of neutrals and brights - lovely!

  2. This one is fun to look at. I want to study the colors and prints!

  3. Love the scrappy stars with the neutral background hexies.

  4. I too like the neutral fabrics. I tend to default to white. I can't help but notice the tiny bunny. :) I'm currently sewing my 36 stars together. Again, no link.

  5. Love the colors- it reminds me of mosaic tiles. The fabrics are so interesting and I love the combination with the neutrals. 3/4" hexies...I have to try them, but probably after I try diamonds!

  6. love the neutrals, subtle little jewels :)

  7. Beautiful! And I know how sometimes we need to shift from one project to another!

  8. What a lovely project to switch to--it makes me feel good to know I am not the only one who will swap projects out just for a break!!! :) Thanks for hosting these Monday Morning Counts...I am just beginning to do EPP and this is so inspiring!!! Maybe one of these days I will actually link up and post something about my efforts! As for now, I am enjoying your book and pecking away at some diamonds and hexies!!


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