Monday Morning Star Count 2014/18

Is it just me, or do these weeks just fly by?  I'm organizing our family calendar for the month and then poof~  all the sudden we're going to Greece just a few weeks from now.  It's hard to believe that I'll be sitting at the beach in a sundress in 45 days when right now I'm typing this post in my fleece pajamas.  How many Hexi-diamonds did I say I'd have done before then again??
Well.. let's just keep recording progress as it happens and before you know it, we'll all have finished quilts to celebrate.

This week I managed to baste and piece 3 more background units for the 7 Sisters hexie thingy (not really a quilt yet because it isn't going to get much bigger than this..its future is still uncertain).  Not bad.

Stitching in the car in the rain..
 Honestly, I had some setbacks this week.  First, I've been having pain in my right wrist.. it's not from hand piecing, that pain is different, but sewing seems to bother it too.  It's more than likely from using my phone (damn Juice Cubes and 2048!), but I'm trying to cut down and rest it so it doesn't get worse.  Subsequently, I've been working on some machine pieced projects which I hope to be able to share soon.  Stay tuned for that.  The second set back is that Netflix has taken Mad Men off the streaming list, and now I have to request and wait for the individual DVDs.  (!!!!)  What are we, in the stone age?  This is a huge inconvenience and a first-world problem that I shouldn't whine about, but come on!  I need my Netflix when I'm piecing while Jack's napping or while I'm waiting for C to get home.  Once I get into a show, I look forward to having it on as part of my stitching routine.. if it isn't available I get stuck and don't turn anything on, just stitching in a silent house.  Hopefully I can get hooked on something else soon.  Suggestions welcome. 


  1. Jessica my calendar for summer is already crazy too! sorry your hand & Netflix both bothering you, hope both go smoother for you this week. nice progress this week :)

  2. I am loveong that they just added House! I missed most of season 6&7 when it was on Tv! Almost done with season 7! Lol oh Bing watching and stitching!

  3. Hoping your hand feels better soon! The elegance of neutrals still is amazing to me! Love your work!

  4. Icky on the hurt hand! I hope that heals up quickly for you.

    I am totally loving the light value of the fabrics you're using in your current project. I loves me some color, but then something light and airy comes along and its such a nice change of pace. Truly lovely.

  5. Sorry to hear you are suffering - you might have to slow down and give yourself a rest! We might be impatient to see more of your piecing but we will just have to wait.....


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