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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/21

It's still Monday, but it's far from morning..
we're almost done with our road trip and I've got a few hex-diamonds to show for it..

I don't have an exact count today... all of the units are stuffed into a plastic bag under the front seat of the car.  I want to start joining them so I'll have to lay them out soon.  Pics to follow shortly on Instagram..

I crammed an awful lot of quilty goodness into this trip and each day deserves its own blog post, but let's see when and if I've got the time to jot them all down.  Give me a few days to sort my photos and we'll see what I come up with.
I would have posted this on time, but our internet connection (and free time) has been sporatic on this trip.  I'd like to say things will be back to normal next week, but we're entering our Summer-mode where routines get tossed out the window and we hit the road (or air, or beach) running.  I crave routine though, so I'll do my best to keep MMStarCounts on track.  A little encouragement from the crowd never hurts..

Who wants to show us what you've got?


  1. What an empty road - hardly ever see that in the south of the UK, where we are crammed in like sardines. Love that blue fabric - and the little bird! Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Looking forward to your posts! I've been doing a lot of piecing too, and I hope the abundance of posted links are OK. I love EPP for allowing me to go outside in the summer! There's just usually so much down time during this time of year with park days and swim lessons and travelling, so there's a lot of piecing going on. :)


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