Monday Morning Star Count 2014/36

Today I'm sharing some hex-diamonds that I made to commemorate time spent with a friend this week.

Long term EPP projects are good like that-- make just one unit to remember a time, place, person or emotion. Capture how you were feeling, something you hope not to forget. I spent some time this weekend re-reading oooold blog posts (from Littleshika), 2007 in particular. It was a rough year. I was struck by how tightly I clung to quilting to pull me through, how decisions I made that year have had repercussions that I'm only now starting to sort out and remedy. Thank god for blogs, right? 
And thank you, for being a part of my blogging journey. Please link up below if you've got progress to share..


  1. yes I agree with what you said. I look at the fabrics in my scrap EPP quilts are I remember who gave them to me and what was going on in my life as I sewed them into my quilt.

    1. Exactly~ even years later.. it's really amazing how the mind captures things and ties them into fabric visuals..

  2. This is a very thoughtful and mood evoking post. Lovely Japanese fabrics in your diamonds, as well.

  3. You are so right and your post really is thought provoking. Although this is my first EPP project, I have other quilt projects that bring back memories of my Grandmother, Mom, and my daughter when she was such a little girl. I should write more about those thoughts and emotions so my daughter and grandchildren know more about the stories behind the fabric and projects. I just love the colors in your diamonds

  4. Totally agree. Fabrics work like smells on my memory. Lovely diamonds!

  5. Hi Jessica, I am linking in for the first time. I have been following your blog for some time now and enjoy following your progress. I too enjoy picking a particular project to accompany me on trips. When I look back at those projects, it is a lovely reminder of my time away. Looking forward to joining in each week.

  6. I haven't so much as threaded a needle in about 2 weeks now... nothing to show but love seeing what everyone else is doing, I think/hope seeing yours will provide the nudge to get busy! Jessica the next star on my to do list is with fabric that has a deep significance for me... I'll be stitching emotions into it for sure.

  7. Such beautiful fabrics you've used and a thought provoking post.
    : )

  8. No sewing on my part this week either- but I also love seeing what everyone else is up to! Great projects, so inspiring.....,..


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