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Hello from under the pile..

of quilts?  of fabric?  of paperwork?

Thanks to everyone who checked up on me this week.  I've been in such a whirlwind I hardly even know when it's Monday anymore, and then it's Tuesday, and all the sudden it's after noon on Thursday.  I love that my friends miss me, and I'm sorry for missing the Star Count this week.  I did baste triangles..
but I think it's time to let you in on what's really going on down here, under the stacks and piles, the toppling fat quarters and the roll-away spools..
I've been working on something, a new project, a big project.  The kind that will have its own ISBN number.  I can't share details yet, but now you can understand why my relaxing EPP time is so limited.  This is what life looks like these days..
(Frantically binding project samples at the playground)
 (never ending stream of clutter and ideas across my desk) 
It is fun, thrilling, exciting, frustrating.  And it never ends.  Until it's done, the pressure is constantly there.  Everything else falls to the wayside-- eating, sleeping, emails, remembering to send birthday cards and call my mother.. I pop in on IG every once in a while and see things for quilt market, and I'm like, what?  that isn't until.. holy crap!  it's the middle of October already?!

So yeah.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I'll try to schedule MMSC posts for the rest of the Mondays in the year, but if I slack, know it's for a good reason.  Thanks for worrying.  I truly appreciate your support. 
I do have other new and exciting news too, but I'm waiting to get some details finalized.  If you're local (Long Island) there will be some events soon, and even if you're not, you'll hopefully be able to hear me talk about quilts via the internet in the coming weeks.  Details once they're available.  XOXO.


  1. I have your first book and I really like your explanation and projects! It has been a real eyeopener on the English paperpiecing technique. Hope to do the star quilt one day.
    Can't wait to see your next book - and projects!
    Kind greetings from Belgium,

  2. Glad you are busy for good reasons!

  3. No problem, Jessica! Do what you need to do and post when you can! I thought your new development was a new baby! But with an ISBN number, it sounds more like a new book. Congratulations! Remember to breathe and hug the kiddies in between stitches and hubby too!

  4. Hi Jessica, I love your book. A hint there's going to be another is very exciting news! Your schedule must be overwhelming so you are doing amazingly well getting any posts out. I do enjoy seeing your progress, it's a real motivator. Best wishes.

  5. I am so looking forward to your new project and the Long Island events! I want to start something new...

  6. Woohoo! ISBN projects are the best!


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