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Tuesday Morning Star Count 2014/40

Who are we kidding here, this post never gets up on Monday mornings anymore.  For some reason, the kids get the best of me, every weekend.  Here's what our Sunday night looked like..

Second ER visit in 24 hours.  He's fine, but gave us quite a scare.  Would you believe I brought my sewing kit in my bag, just in case they kept us over night?  Thankfully I didn't have a chance to use it.

Before all the drama, I did manage to find time to stitch at work(!) a bit on Friday..
 I know I've been adding stitches to this same block for weeks, but I finally got the outer ring attached.  Now to see where it fits in the rest of the puzzle.  Part of me wants Travel Quilt #5 to "read" chronologically, but that may not work, color-wise.   I guess I'll have to lay it out again and see.

Has life been getting in the way of your stitching too?  If you've made any progress at all, even just basting, please show us!


  1. I wasn't worried about you until I checked this morning and your post wasn't up yet. Now that it is I am glad to see that things are fine even if you did have a few scares. Nice work on the star. Of course you brought the travel kit. I live in fear of being somewhere without my EPP incase I get delayed or have to wait for something. You had expressed an interest in my binding torture experiment that I started a couple months ago. It is done and I posted about it a few weeks ago, but you have been busy, so you may not have seen it. If you follow my link (HexyLady) and scroll down you will find the post about the binding. Have a great week. I want to thank you encouraging us all to stay with our EPP work. If it wasn't for the sharing I know I would not get as much done. It is great to always see what others are doing.

  2. Yikes!! Glad everybody is ok in the end... I actually went away for the weekend and decided NOT to bring my sewing kit. I missed it and hope to make more progress this week! I'm chiming in on Terry's comment here- thanks for creating this great community!

  3. I hope the little one was not too freaked out by the whole ER experience. We missed you yesterday.

  4. Happy to see that everything is okay.

  5. Oh my goodness. So glad he is ok. And as others have said, we really appreciate you creating this community and encouraging all of us to keep stitching! Hope you have a quieter week :)

  6. Awww - your poor little sweetie. I hope he's feeling much better today!

  7. I too wondered if everything was ok with you Jess, sorry to hear about the little guy's rough weekend. I bought your book (digital version) a few weeks ago btw, very nice work!

  8. Oh this looks so scary! I so hope he is feeling good now. Children always look so lost in those huge beds.
    No stitches for me or better I did not even really start going back to it .... But this is a good reminder! Thank you

  9. Yipes! Glad to hear he's OK. I remember those many kid visits to the ER, although they were mostly for sports and rock concert injuries. We joked that our local hospital should name one of those curtained areas after our kid. One of these days I'll join the star count link party. I've got 22 8-pointed stars, made with your wonderful book instructions. Very fun.

  10. life is getting in the way of my quilting in the form of a three month old puppy! sigh. we love her, but oh those teeth....

  11. Oh, so much to worry about when you have children. I know you will live through it, tho!

  12. Oh my word. My hardest moment as a parent was in the ER. Glad he is alright. Hugs to all of you .


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