Tuesday Morning Star Count 2014/43

No hexies were basted in the making of this apron..

 Or this skirt. 
On Sunday, I spent the day with our neighbors sewing doll clothes.  Wow.  It was awesome, and I'm glad for the opportunity to do that kind of mothering-crafting.  I don't make many things for the boys these days anymore.  There was a doll quilt for George's bear a few years back, but other than that.. I have been sewing for obligations, gifts, or myself.  I have plans for upcycled monsters for Christmas, but let's wait and see if I find time for that...
When I did find time to work on EPP this week I was often interrupted.  But oh, the cuteness!

Anybody got any links?


  1. Miss Ted was extremely interested in this post - she only has one cardigan, a skirt and a pair of socks. I might have to make her some underwear before Christmas....

  2. Here's to slo-o-o-o-o-o-ow progress still being progress! But at least you sewed something else... I have attached a grand total of ONE diamond to my main quilt piece since I finished basting the final set last week. And there's still a stack of pants to be hemmed and patched, that I haven't touched... here's hoping for more sewing time this week!

  3. I am enjoying the hand quilting of my hexagon flower quilt. It's a long slow process and the winter will probably be over before it is ready to put on the bed. Thanks for getting me started with epp!

  4. Sewing IS SEWING, no matter what! I've often wondered what do people do, if they don't sew. I see every day. And I can't imagine my life without it. I'm making flannel pj pants as gifts, table runners, mug rugs and quilts. It's a lovely thing. I turn on my radio and sew the hours away. It's a luxury and I love it.

  5. Aww! Adorable pics. Is that Paddington Bear?

  6. Thank you for very interesting blog. It was a great inspiration for me to make a quilt for myself without sewing machine. It will be my first EPP and my first bigger quilt. So I hope that reading such wonderful blogs as yours and others mentioned here will help me while sewing mine.


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