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Finding meaning, loving stash

I found a picture on IG last night and bolted out of bed to start this quilt.
If you're not a quilter, this may sound strange, but the rest of you are probably nodding your heads.

I sorted my closet a few weeks ago and made piles for donation and pack away til next winter.  There was a pair of flannel pajamas that had seen enough winters and didn't fit that comfortably anymore.  The screamed "make HSTs out of me!" but I tried to push that urge aside.  Still, they ended up in my sewing room stacked with a pack of Thangles, just in case.
Here, these are the pjs:
(Christmas, 2010)
I disassembled the pjs as fast as I could and started cutting 6.5 x 7.25" rectangles, as the Thangles package instructed.  I cursed a few times because I forgot how much you need to struggle with flannel, especially thin, upcycled flannel.  But I was determined.
I started with a few, pairing the flannel with an orange print shirt (totally in an upcycling mood last night, what can I say) and some other light colored prints for high contrast.  The results are pretty awesome.  I have a vague idea of where this is going and a few more hours to sew today, so let's see what happens.
(Ignore the Hawaiian applique.  It's still on the design wall so I don't forget to baste the second half..)
I have cut out all I can get from the pjs, and now I'm tossing stash bins searching for good contrast fabrics.  I found this gem, totally lost in the bottom.  I haven't used this since.. Hokkaido maybe?
I'm in the groove.  Glad I had the chance to blog as it happens.  Check instagram for more progress pics, I'll probably post there before another blog post..



  1. It's wonderful that you have a Janome. I like mine so much but it is not as fancy as yours. I totally relate to the getting out of bed at 2 or 4 Am to quilt. Also I just went through my whole fabric assortment , tossed most of it into a give away bag and now am looking through those scarps for inspiration..LOL why did I think I would no longer resort to them..Your PJ is lovely.

  2. Ha! Just recently I was lying in bed trying to sleep, and started thinking about the layout of the set of blocks I just finished (UFO from 2010). I ended up thinking of a whole new design and bolted out of bed to lay the blocks out on the floor... It's so much better than I had been planning, I can't wait to finish it! Here's to night owl inspiration!

  3. Ha! I've totally been lying in bed planning designs in my head. I've never actually made it OUT of bed to work on something thought!

  4. Is the sewingmachine a xmas-gift? ... ich love the picture ... You look so happy :-D


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