Taupe Spiderweb and some Step by Step FMQ

I had some help with my laundry  line photo shoot this morning.  He couldn't quite understand why it was harder to run through the folded quilt on the line now than an couple weeks ago (in my header pic), well dude, mommy quilted it.  It's heavy now and warm.  Once he found out it made a good tent, we had some fun.
I basted this huge thing last weekend, it's 85" x 101" and if you follow me on IG, you have seen that I've been staying up way too late at night to work on the quilting.  I put undulating S curves in the stars and organic-ish swirls in the spider webs, but then I was at a loss for what to do with the borders.  I flipped through Christina Cameli's Step by Step Free Motion Quilting and fell in love with the Filament pattern.  (why is it so easy to fall in love with quilt patterns?)
I practiced a bit on paper, crowd sourced my FMQ questions late last night on IG, tossed it around in my head til I figured it out and then I gave it a try.
Christina's instructions are so clear.  If you are stuck in your FMQ or scared to step out of your comfort zone, please pick up a copy of her book and give it a try.  There are something like 80 patterns in there.  Use one as is or alter it as you like.  That's what I did last week on a pillow cover.  I let George pick the pattern and then I tried it with spirals and squared spirals.  George approved.
I totally have a long way to go with my FMQ, but I'm definitely out of my rut.  I've got a pile of tops completed and all I want to do now is baste them so I can try out more cool things.  Summer vacation, you'll be here soon, right?
I wonder what Filament would look like done across an entire quilt....?


  1. what fun to be free and swirly with your FMQ, I wish I could get more uninhibited! Your quilt looks just lovely.


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