Yuma Quilt Along with Gotham Quilts

This summer, Gotham Quilts is having a quilt along for their Yuma pattern.  Looks cool, huh?  When I saw everybody at the guild meeting a few weeks ago I was overcome with a need to participate in something.. maybe I'm in the mood for a challenge?  All these triangles certainly seem to fill that need.  So, I'm going to give it a try.  We've got from now til August, details on the Gotham Quilts blog.  Download the FREE pattern from their site here.

Here's my initial fabric pull.  It's sitting on the living room floor so I can let it sink in and think about it for a while.

How long do you usually let a fabric pull marinate before cutting into it?
Sometimes I grab fabric and cut right away, especially for EPP units, but there I don't choose all the fabrics (or even a palette) ahead of time.  I don't often choose fabrics for the entire quilt upfront.  I think when I do then I need to let it sit.  Are the greens right?  Do I have a softer orange in a pile somewhere?  Am I going to bother to go look for it?  (yes, this is how I choose fabrics for my quilts-- is it within easy reach?  Ok, let's use it).  How do you choose?


  1. This does look like fun and a way to use up some stash this summer! I pull my fabric and let it sit there for a few days before cutting. I like your color palette. The fabric on the top right is nice. Is that going to be the background fabric?

    1. The light teal dots will be the back ground fabric with the almost black and deep kaffe green as the two large triangle fabrics. What palette are you going to do it in? Wanna make a pact and have them both hanging at LIQS in the spring?? 😆

    2. Oh I missed the light teal dots fabric. And I will make a pack with you to have our Yuma quilts hanging at LIQS. It is a good goal for me. Thanks.


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