Monday Morning Star Count, July 13, 2015

One last apple core post and then I'll go back to other shapes (I've got pentagons, triangles, half hexies and hexies in my bag as I type this..)

I really got into apple cores while I was preparing for the blog hop over the last 2 weeks, I totally took enough photos for 3 blog posts and couldn't fit them all into my hop post, so today I want to show you guys the ultra-cool acrylic (fussy) cutting template I got from

 First you take off the brown paper backing and then use the inner lines to center your fussy cut.
(can't get this pic to load right side up, sorry fox and bunny!)
 I used a 28mm rotary cutter to slice the outside curves around the acrylic template.  Then I took a pencil and traced around the inner curves, which I cut out by hand with my fabric scissors.  I tried to cut the inner curves with the blade, but on the 3" apple core template it was too tight.

For the drawstring bag in my last post, I only fussy cut one print (I wanted to focus on these little Timeless Treasures bunnies), but these acrylic templates come in most sizes for the EPP shapes that offer.  (I have the pentagon and hexagon ones already)  Whatever your project, this little tool is going to be useful.

I'm scheduling this post ahead of time in case I don't have good wifi in central Oregon.  If I get a chance to update with my EPP progress from the weekend, I will.  If not, I sure hope you guys will link something up this week~



  1. Great tuto.Many time without playing with EPP.

  2. I've made some progress on my hand quilting- but not much to look at, so no blog post for me this week. I enjoy loooking at everyone else's projects, though! Anyone who wants to see what I'm working on can check out Happy sewing~


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