Finally, improv

Life is busy, I feel like I'm hopping weekend to weekend, the month just flies by.  So many ideas, plans, hopes, disappointments.  We're making it through the best we can and as always, I'm clinging to making to keep me sane.
I'm listening to Tori Amos on Pandora and watching dark ominous clouds roll in over my laundry hanging out to dry.  This weekend I put in a new rotary blade and cut into a stack of fabrics that's been waiting patiently for me all summer.  Connecting Threads sent me some of AmandaJean's new line, Good Neighbors and I'm putting together some of the improv blocks from Get Started Quilting to show off both my blocks and her fabric.
Today I made stars--

This is the Starry Night block from p. 106 of my book.   A big wonky star with a little one nestled in up close.  This is one of my absolute favorites from the book and I'm so happy I get to used it in this project.  I took several of the light background and white prints from Good Neighbors and put them on a background of Patriot Blue solid (also Connecting Threads).  One of my quilters-for-hire, Gilma, discovered that if you make four of these blocks and rotate them, you get a sweet ring of stars (her version can be seen on p. 109) so I tried that out and I'm pretty happy with the result.
Next comes more improv blocks, yay!  I really hate measuring and I get an odd sense of pleasure from trimming up the unplanned into usable units of patchwork.  This is just the type of chaos I needed this weekend.
I'm heading back to the hospital with my EPP tonight for a visit.  I prepped a new project to take, progress shots to follow on instagram (@jessica_alex).


  1. These star blocks are great! I like the light stars against the blue.

  2. I am loving the stars against the blue background & they look great together in a ring.

  3. Those stars just pop against that blue background! Love the ring they form, too.


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