Monday Morning Star Count, September 14, 2015

Happy Monday, All~
Have you been stitching?  My pentagons are increasing slowly, I've got 4 rings and I'm pondering layout..
I need some greens I think,  and more orange.  Do you like the lighter or more saturated rings?  My gut tells me to make more and then see how to balance them (but life seems to give me that sort of advice about a lot of things..) Which brings me to a nice transition--- Life has tossed me some rather large stepping stones in the past few months and even when I have nothing to do, I've got a lot to think about.  I try not to let these thoughts encroach on my quilting time (in fact, my super wonderful therapist suggests that I keep quilting to stay centered..) but they do get in the way of blogging.  It's so much easier to toss progress pics up on instagram than to sort through my feelings and ideas and pull something eloquent together to say in a blog post about a couple hours of sewing.  Sometimes there just are no words, you know?  Thank you, the few of you who have reached out to check up on me in the weeks I've missed Star Count.  It really means a lot to know I've got this nice community of close friends, acquaintances, and dedicated quilters who notice when I'm not there.  I am here, and I will be ok.  Well, actually I'm better than ok, most days, all considering.  But somehow it seems it's always Sunday into Monday that finds me weepy or struggling a bit, and that's making it hard for me to want to cloud the Internet with more tough feelings.  Especially my blog, which is supposed to be the highlight reel of life, no?  I swear, so much of what I struggle with is how honest I can be, what I ought to say, to feel I'm staying true to myself yet also maintaining a "public" persona of super mom/wonder quilter.  Guys, you know that's not true, right? 
I would like to write here from a place more authentic, especially since I'm making and sharing quilts,  which are basically soft scrapbooks,  a window to my soul and a colorful account of where I've been, all I've seen and done.  Even without words, a knowing eye will see where I'm at, and for those with less access to the backstories, my quilts certainly provide lots to ponder if you're curious.  
I want to tell the stories of my quilts on this blog, but right now I'm struggling with how much to say, what to reveal, and some days I just can't fake happiness when life isn't giving me much.  There are many small wonderful moments though,  and I'm still sorting out which of those I want to keep private and which I can share.  It's getting easier to see the difference and I appreciate those of you who stick around to read whatever shows up in this space.  You give me lots of encouragement to keep sewing, to keep thinking and make me wonder if maybe this can be a safe place to unload and work through my thoughts...  I really appreciate that.

So, here's the link up.   What have you been stitching?  And if you want to share, what have those stitches helped you get through this week?  Xoxoxox



  1. Difficult to balance, isn't it? And difficult to share when this quilty zone is so often uber positive. But we all know that life's ups and downs come to all of us, probably in equal measure. Thank you for providing this space for us, and know that you are appreciated.

  2. It is a difficult balance...and I agree that the quilting world does seem to often be uber positive. For me to there is the issue of not wanting to drag other people into my blog without their permission, etc and figuring out ways of sharing things sort of generally then. Anyhow Jess there is no expectation on my part that you be a supermom or super quilter, I'm just happy to have a place to link up and happy to see what you have to share when you share it.

  3. I am sorry that you are feeling down from time to time. I am pleased to link up when the opportunity arrives. I certainly have no expectations for you to be super human. If Instagram feels right to you maybe on those occasions when words don't come you might want to post just one image from the week with an opportunity to link back and nothing more. Maybe on those occasions the feedback you get will brighten your spirits. I'll get working on my post for this week.

  4. You have been missed and you are appreciated! It's hard to strike a balance - I hope you discover your happy medium. I love the pentagons - especially the ring with the spiders and skulls, and look forward to seeing what they become. I think I prefer the lighter rings, but might totally change my mind depending on what the background will be :-)

  5. I also love the spiders and the sculls, and gravitate to the lighter rings. They all look fantastic though.

  6. Sometimes life is hard...we all know that. Most quilters are kind and compassionate, but your private life is yours to share or not share. Just know that people do care (even lurkers like myself) and good thoughts and prayers are coming your way! Smart therapist to tell you to continue quilting! Certainly has been my best therapy through life's ups and downs!

  7. There is just something about quilting that is so healing..don't ya think? Sorry to hear life has been challenging. And it's okay to keep your private life private. I think you only share what is comfortable for you. I think a simple "I'm having a bad day" says it all. Sending hugs and prayers your way...I do love the spiders and skulls especially. I'm new to blogging and Instagram. But once I get things figured out, I'd love to share what I've been working on too

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  9. I have many blog posts in my draft folder where I started to dump my heart out onto the page, to give meaning to what I'm doing or not doing online... Then it gets messy and I don't know how much to edit or I run out of time and when I come back I feel a little different... And so I just move on to the next "I made something pretty" post. But I have to say that when a blogger I follow does open their heart and talk about what's really going on, I feel so much closer to them and understand their work so much better. And I feel like this community is so supportive, that if you are wanting to share, the people will be here to understand and provide encouragement that you might need. I have had some things on my mind lately that go a little deeper than applique tutorials and when I get the chance I'll be writing a little more about life and my response to it as a quilter. I think quilty blogland can handle some doses of realism amidst all the strategically cropped progress shots. So, all that said, share what you need to and hold back what you need to keep private and your community will be here for you!

  10. Love the pentagons, and yes, some greens will look great! Sorry you're going through a rough time. Glad your quilting is helping, I find that sewing through the stressful times can be really calming and therapeutic. Don't try to do it all, blog if you can, post to Instagram if that's easier, stay offline if you need to, we'll be here for you. Take care of yourself, too (which I know is easier said than done).

  11. It's so nice to hear from you again, and so sad you are facinf a rough time. Like others said before, don't shy back of sharing also your bad days, those posts make bloggers so much more real. I'm pretty sure it's hard to decide what to put on the internet and what to keep private, but as you said, I think we as your readers will never judge you and will always try to lift you up.
    What you do with the MMSC is great, but don't feel bad if you miss a couple of weeks because you have other, more important priorties or it is just not feeling right at this moment to post. We will welcome you when you are back and enjoy your posts, but it should never ever be a burden for you!
    Jessica, you are so much appreciated around here, always remember this!

  12. And your pentagons look great as always, I'm a little bit more drawn to the saturated ones.

  13. I like the saturated color rings too. Maybe a ring that alternated light and saturated fabrics would be good?
    As for the issues of privacy and blog boundaries, that's probably why I don't have a blog! I like to guest-post on other folks' blogs. Somehow that makes it easier for me to see the line between what I want to share and what I don't. I would say you should feel comfortable with what you post, and I think simply putting a photo and the linkup is a fine idea, if that's all you feel like doing.
    I certainly appreciate your linkups but don't want them to be a burden either. Periodic rather than weekly is a fine idea too...
    Thanks for doing this and good luck with the balancing act! No one is superwoman... ;-)

  14. Those blocks are fabulous,love them all!!Hope you are better.Go you can.

    No EPP project but hope to link next month.


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