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Her name is Cricket.

She's super affectionate even though we're still getting to know each other.  She likes to be with me when I'm home and she's already very comfortable sleeping in my bed.  I adopted her from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter which was a great place to work with and if I lived closer, I'd consider volunteering there.  If you are local and need a kitty, please consider them.  Their website has many many photos, videos and stories of cats that need families.  Before I adopted Cricket, I made a list of all the cats I was interested in and went in one evening to check them out.  I pet a bunch, held a few, and tried to see which had personalities that would fit with my new life, my personality, and my children.  I had brought the boys on a separate visit and they got to meet Cricket before we decided (the shelter requires all family members come for a pre-adoption visit to get acquainted with the pet).  But the night I was there on my own, I worked my way through my list, asking about each kitty I had seen online that I thought might be a potential match.  The last 3 on my list weren't there.  I was puzzled.  Isn't the website kept up to date?  The volunteer said that the cats were there at the shelter, but they did not have enough cages to keep them on display in the 3 front viewing rooms.  My heart sank.  So many cats and I could only help one.  I adopted Cricket to free up her cage for one of the others and I sincerely hope that they find good homes soon.  I think I got a good match, but the boys meet her for real tonight and I guess then we'll have a better idea.  She's 8, not a kitten, and I hope she tolerates their.. energy.   I know it will take a while for everyone to get used to the changes, but I'm an optimist.

Thank you for all the kind wishes and support on my last post.  One of the things I have become aware of in the past year is the importance of speaking up and setting boundaries.  This is crucial to have healthy relationships with anyone, and I think it applies to the blog as well.  I sincerely appreciate that you guys respected that.  When we feel comfortable and accepted, it's easier to open up and be authentic.  Thank you for making that possible for me here.


  1. You'll find your new normal with Cricket and the boys and if your ever in Ma your always have a place to stay! Since both my kids have moved out (Texas and Florida!) I'm creating a guest room! It's yours any time!

    1. Thanks Janet! Maybe you can get Silver City to have me come out...?

  2. You did a great job in your last post of letting us know what kind of comments would not be helpful to you. Yea for you for speaking up and saying what you need. I have to say that your strength and optimism pours out in the your last two posts. It is great that you have chosen an older cat who needs a good home. I am a fan of animal adoption too, and my last rescue was 14 at the time we got him. He was the love of our lives for five blessed years. We are currently working on making friends with a stay we've been feeding.

  3. Every quilt needs a sleeping cat. Cats are such wonderful companions. Thank you such much for opening up and sharing with us.


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