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The contents of my TQ#5 sewing kit

Started in February 2014.. in a few short months, this WIP will be 3 years old.  The sewing kit has been the same all along (I think?), and it has collected a few odd bits and memories.  I was noticing the other night, as I planned out the last few diamonds and edge pieces, that so much has changed in that time.  So many friends and experiences.  Their stories are in the quilt, which I'll tell again once it's done (aiming to have the top together by Feb 2017), but the kit.. I didn't realize so many memories would be held in this little plastic box too.

This is everything just kinda thrown out of the case.  Pic is from my design wall sometime last winter, before I moved the bed to the opposite wall and had to take down the batting.  (I ended up stringing lights from the command hooks I left up).  More of it has been pieced together than is shown in the pic, but I'll do a separate post for TQ#5 progress soon.   In order to sneak time to take all these photos, I let Jack c…

Falling Stars

Christa is making the Falling Stars quilt from Quilting on the Go.
As she laid it out on the bed last night, I was struck by how much I love this pattern.  And all sorts of twinges of memories surfaced-- the initial idea, the design process, sitting with dear friends sewing the sample for the book.
My original thoughts were to do completely scrappy background with long chains and occasional stars in white.  Shifting the color palette to blues and chartreuse really changed the impact. I had so so many ideas for 60 degree diamond quilts and most of them are still trapped in my sketchbooks or scrawled on the back of book notes, stuck there in time.  But this, the Falling Stars quilt happened.  And I love what people are doing with it.
Christa's version is so beautiful, and so her.  Even though I gave her fabrics from the original (and let her root through my stash of blues), the overall tone looks like all of her other quilts.  Strong and natural.  My quilts can tend to be chaotic an…

The Evolution of Selfies

Selfies.  Hmm.
 For blogging, I have been taking them since.. 2006?  setting up my digital camera (Kodak, with a 1" screen) by propping it on something til I could see myself (or, the area where I would be sitting once I set the timer and ran over there).  Then try, try, try to get a decent shot.   I loved doing this.  The activity of taking pictures of myself quilting was part of the hobby itself. 
Then there were the pics that look more like today's selfies.   Close ups, arm's length, looking at the camera (or not) Still done with a digital camera (then Nikon?) and my little gorilla pod tripod.
Then I got a smart phone and the whole world changed.  it was 2011 I think? 

And with that, and the forward facing camera, you could SEE yourself.   And the selfie became a MIRROR reflection of what you actually looked like in that moment. 
I was pondering this the other day, after our trip to the zoo.   Why do the kids fight me when I want to take their pictures, but eagerly jum…