My birthday weekend

So.  I turned 37 on Monday.
And the last week has been full of reflective thoughts, perhaps more so than other years.
I was very careful to plan out how to spend my time this weekend-- I have always been one to want/crave/and ask for alone time on my birthday.  I just need it.  It's my treat to myself-- that time to really reconnect, to sift through my thoughts, take stock of where I'm at, and ground myself in my reality.
With two years of midlife crisis behind me, I think I'm doing ok.

I spent most of the weekend with the guy I've been seeing (who needs to make an appearance here on the blog soon.. he's tall.  I need him to hold up some quilts for me) but I did take a jaunt into Manhattan on Saturday to get to the NYC Metro Mod Guild meeting.  It was my first time going in .. maybe 18 months?  Felt so good to be around quilty friends and beautiful making.

 I stitched on the train ride in, of course.  This blue and yellow block has fabrics from the quilt I made with George this year.  This hex-diamond is almost done.

I am grateful that the internet lets me make and keep friends, even when we only see each other sporadically.  I think that's one of the things I missed most about blogging.  Facebook is great for quick daily updates, feeling connected but not really being connected.  Instagram is better because you are seeing through your friends' eyes.  But blogging.. photos, words, feelings, all the thoughts and dreams put behind the post.  Some of my friends are simply amazing writers and I love getting to know them *that* way, through their writing. 
Bernadette has been working on her blue hexies quilt for a long time.. I'm so happy to see her determined to finish it.  I promised to help with the binding when she's ready
Nellie somehow managed to have a baby, finish this quilt, and get to the meeting to show it off.  I love the light colored crosses in the border.
This one is Lisa's and.. she's giving it away.  Who knows why we do the things we do?  But that kid sure is lucky..

Following Margaret on Instagram is such a treat, but seeing this quilt in real life and hearing her thoughts on making it (especially how she embroidered, rather than hand quilted) was really awesome.  Guild meetings, man.  Always something to learn.  

And Maureen from my library group was there too!  Working on impossibly small EPP, of course.  THAT is not my fault.
After the meeting, I went for coffee with my new friend, Kyle, then wandered across town to one of my favorite places in the city, Kinokuniya.  I could spend hours there, wandering like I used to do in Daimaru or Tokyu Hands, when I lived in Japan (at the turn of the century!).  So much to look at, take in, ponder and enjoy.  I did have a train to catch, so I made a beeline for stationary downstairs..

I was hoping to find a rooster stamp to add to my Zodiac rubber stamp collection, which I started in 2000.  Unfortunately I was told they were on order and I should check back in a few weeks.  I guess that's another excuse to make the trip then, huh?  I was able to replenish my collection of awesome pens, and now that I think if it, I should really write a post on pens because I do have strong feelings about them.. and oddly enough, my tastes have changed over the years.   (mental note: blog post about pens).

Monday I baked a cake and had Christa and her son over to help us celebrate.  The kids and I planned ahead this year and while at Party City before Halloween, we picked up these Dory candies for my cake.  Yup, 37 with a Finding Dory themed birthday cake.  I love being a mom, because you get to be a kid and make the rules at the same time.  Cake was tasty.  I plan on eating leftovers while writing Christmas cards later tonight.. 

Many thanks for the birthday wishes that came via FB and instagram (and for the dear friends who actually got me presents!!  I feel so loved).  If you want to comment below with what you were doing on your 37th birthday, or what you think your life might be like then, if you aren't as old as me.  I can honestly say, 5 years ago I had no idea that this is where I'd be.. but I'm happy I made it and I like where (and who) I am at 37.   Hope I will always be able to say that. 


  1. Happy Birthday! And you are just "a kid". I'm twice your age plus one year. I think of it as three-fourths of a century old. But I don't feel that old, but believe it when I look in the mirror. Wishing you 37 more wonderful birthdays with your boys.


  2. Looks like you had a sweet birthday week. Your red-head boys are so cute. I remember when the older one was climbing in the scraps at VFW's. Boy, when I turned 37, I had an almost two-year-old. He's now 26! Like everyone says, it goes by in a blink. Glad you're enjoying the moments.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Jessica, I'm glad that you're having such lovely, positive thoughts about your life, and I wish you many more :)
    I'm a winter girl too, and I'll be celebrating my 65th birthday, next week on December 14th. So many good things and also hard things happened to my life, but I can say I'm very fortunate because the happy moments outnumber the sad ones and I'm VERY grateful. My life, up to now, has been amazing, interesting, challenging (a lot!). I'm still talking to that little girl inside me, and often I feel like being 15, LOL, so... VIVA LA VIDA !

    Heartful thought,

  4. I think I'd love a trip to NYC for my birthday, but maybe in the distant future, I'm in Sydney, Australia and I'll be 37 in 13 months. I think a day to myself would be wonderful!!

  5. Happy to see that it was a fun day, Jess (awesome blue cake!). Thanks for sharing your Guild mates' beautiful quilts - they are so amazing! And nice that you got some stitching in on the subway. I used to be self-conscious about crafting in public, but now I'm more, whatevs, I'm going to enjoy this ride!

    Kinokuniya looks like a great store - I can see how the hours there could easily fly by.

    At 37, I don't know what my life will look like, but I don't quite feel my age now (34), so I expect more of the same - something I'd like to embrace. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I'm glad that you're blogging more again and happy to read that you are getting your life "back on the rails" again (new partner, going back to quilt groups, ...).
    I've already passed the 37 mark so I can't tell anymore ... soon to celebrate another birthday in December ;-). Happy birthday b.t.w.!
    That Japanese shop looks like heaven. NYC has lots of (crafy
    ty) shops I would like to visit one day :-).
    Have a nice day!

  7. It's good to know that things are looking up for you and that you are taking pleasure from new and old pasttimes and people. 37 is nearly 18 years ago for me - so long and yet I wonder how the years went so fast! Happy Birthday!

  8. I've missed your spirit at or meetings! It was so great to catch up in person. I also haven't been to a meeting since that one! Ha! Hope to see you again soon.


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