Ripping when I need to

I'm not a perfectionist, by any means.  Most often, done is better than perfect and I really enjoy the little nuggets of imperfection that get stitched into my projects because they stand as a reminder of the process and I feel I can remember that particular day of sewing a little bit more.  That said, there are just some ugly stitches that I can't ignore. 
Here's my most recent glowing example:

The lines on this quilt are not supposed to be even or even smoothly curved, but sometimes the "process" gets hijacked by the weight of the quilt and the lack of strength in my shoulders, compounded by the speed of my foot in relation to the speed of my hands.. and, well, you know the story.  So today I ripped.  And then the kid woke up and we had a photo shoot..
Progress on this one is slow going, but for now we are warm enough with the two quilts already on the bed so there is no real need to finish quickly.  I would like to show it off at some meetings and maybe a quilt show though, so I'll keep it at the top of my quilt priority list.
What's on your quilt priority list?


  1. Love the quilt .... love the little helper!
    You've inspired me to maybe ... finally do something with all of my scrapes! And you know I have lots!

  2. LOVE your new header, photoshoot perfect. Thanks!

  3. I love spiderwebs. I hope I'll get to do one of those some day. Right now, I'm onto Christmas gifts and swap projects and that's about all I have time for!


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