Making the most of my time

I usually quilt during naptime, which I think is true for most quilters with young kids.  I'm kind of possessive about it.  Naptime = Quilting time.  I have to be in a really relaxed mood already to agree to do something else during naptime (quilting, after all, is what I do to relax).  So when C suggested that we drive an hour out to the outlets for a bit of shopping I didn't think twice about packing not one, but two quilt projects to take with in the car. 
Sure enough, the kid fell asleep about 5 minutes before we pulled into the parking lot. 
Me: "I'll stay with him in the car while you shop, ok?"  
C:  "Ok, I'll be at Polo, call me when he wakes up."
And it was that easy.  I got out of outlet shopping and instead got to stitch down another side of this green binding.  Finding someone to take a picture of me quilting in the outlet parking lot was not so easy, of course, but that's why cameras have timers. :)
(please ignore my bad haircut.  growing out this "new mom 'do" will take longer than I thought)
I went to a meeting for one of the local guilds a few weeks ago and I was sitting with some other moms of young kids.  One of the older women asked, "Do you have... time to quilt during the day?" and I said, "I quilt everyday, or I'll go crazy." 


  1. I did the same when my sons were small. It was amazing what I could get done in 30-40 minutes a day. My sons are 27 and 29 now, and both love and admire quilts.

  2. WOW...I'm impressed. I need to MAKE some time. But that 8-10 hour workday gets in the way...LOL! What I need to do is carve out 30 - 45 minutes a day...No computer or TV. I do bring EPP when I have to wait (oil change, MD office, etc)...but that's few and far between.

  3. Your hair looks cute! And I love that quilt your sewing there. Also, I am suuuuuuuuuuper jealous of your ocean-ness. I haven't seen an ocean in YEARS and it makes me sad.


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