Sometimes I forget we live on an island..

Or that the beach is just 15 minutes away.  Glad I remembered today though because I needed a quiet place for the kid to nap (construction started today-- hopefully we'll have a new driveway by next week!), and the beach was the perfect place for me to relax and have some fun as well.  So I bring you installment #2 of "The quilting I do in parking lots."

I played around with camera placement and think today's shots are better than Sunday's, but I long for a crafty friend to come with me everywhere and take blog-worthy photos of my life.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I swear, the only photos I have of myself are self-portraits like these.  C isn't so good at getting behind the camera when we go out..
I sat in the backseat today because there was too much sun in the front.  It was so nice to have the Atlantic spread out before me as I sewed.  I tried to get a good quilt-with-ocean-in-the-background shot but it was windy and the sun was in the wrong position.  Don't worry, today was fun and I'm sure I'll do naptime at the beach again before it gets cold, so I'll keep trying.

One corner left on the binding and then this one's done!

When he woke up we played on the beach for a lot longer than I had planned.  He loved it, I forgot how much he loves the beach too.  


  1. It looks lovely -- it's just too bad that I live on the other side of NYC or I'd be all too happy to come along with you to the beach.

  2. woooo I want to live there. I will go with you and take pics of you anytime you want. 15 mins to beach. We will be there everyday with sand castle and packed lunch or snack. Miss you!


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