it's a strange hobby, this "blogging."
sometimes I'll have good photos or a fun project to share but no time to get my thoughts in order and I end up with a post that looks the way I wanted it to, but sounds a bit off.  Or there are the pensive evenings, like tonight, when after I pour over other people's blogs for the better part of an hour (and get lost in certain flickr pages, like this one), I end up with lots to say but no pretty pictures to accompany my ramblings.  Anyway, here's what's on my mind..
  • I'm a bit bummed that I am unprepared for the Fall Bloggers' Quilt Festival.  I would love to participate this round, but ideally I'd like to be in the first 200 bloggers, on the Mr. Linky thing.  Last time I was 500-and-something and felt kind of like that one quilt at the show that's hung waaaay in the back, in a dark corner.  Maybe I'll miraculously remember some quilt and photograph & blog about it in the next 24 hours.  We'll see.
  • I am curious about Quilt Market in Houston.  Who gets to go?  is it open to the public or do you have to be associated with some quilty business?  If you know, do tell..
  • I changed feet on my machine twice today and finished quilting a wall hanging for my cousin during nap time.  No photos yet, if I'm lucky I can get the binding on and send it off before her birthday.
  • I really really want to just sew sew sew!  but several big projects are hanging over my head to the point that I'm not able to use my sewing time as productively as I'd like.  Project 1= put sleeves on all the quilts I want to have in the Evening Star Show (that is NEXT WEEKEND), Project 2= iron shirts for Costas to wear to work (the ironing pile has outgrown the closet, i can't ignore this much longer), Project 3= layer, quilt and assemble 3 pillows for gifts already promised to loved ones.  The tops are done, but I'm dragging my feet on this.  A question for the pillow makers.. do you quilt the backs too?
  • btw, I plugged in the iron so I could get started on a few shirts before I sat down at the computer, an hour ago.  Talk about procrastination..
  • I am grateful that I have several small and portable sewing projects that I can work on when I get in phases like these.. today I pieced more diamond stars while George played at the indoor playground at the mall and while he was in the bathtub. 
Hmm.  So yeah, I get to the end of my list and don't know how to end the post.  Any suggestions?  A photo would be nice, but like I already mentioned, I don't have one.  Do I blog to record my quilt-life?  Do I blog to connect with other people "out there"? or is it just another form of procrastination..
Why do you blog? (or why not?) and what are you currently procrastinating from?


  1. I am procrastinating by reading your blog instead of working on a big project that has an equally big deadline rapidly approaching. I don't know about Market, but I think you have to be "in the trade" to go - however, there is a big quilt festival/show right afterwards for the general public, I believe. I have been working like a dog this fall - I wanted to have a brand new quilt for the BQF, but it ain't happening. I will just link to a relatively recent one. And I hear you about not wanting to be too far down the list. My daughter just told me to set the alarm on my phone for an ungodly hour, put it on vibrate, stick it in my bra and go to sleep - when it goes off I can get up and post, then go back to bed. I think that's a bit over the top, don't you? Why am I even considering it?

  2. Hello! Quilt Market is a wholesale market for quilt shop owners, magazine companies, book companies etc. to go and shop at. You do have to own a business and show credential to get into the show. Now Quilt Festival - held in Houston right after Market in the fall and Cincinnati in the spring and Long Beach in the summer - is open to the public!

  3. You market questions have been answered...

    I don't know why I blog, really I have no idea...

  4. I wondered about the Houston market too. Thanks for asking the questions and getting the answers!

    I guess I blog to connect with those mysterious people out there. Especially now that we're not in Brooklyn any more. This town we're in is pretty small and it's more appealing to find lots of people to follow / talk to on the internet than it once was!

    Right now I should be finishing up some potholders for the Potholder Pass on flickr (deadline to send them out is tomorrow!) Unfortunately, I don't really know how to quilt on my machine. And the potholders have insulbrite in them, which I hear is practially impossible to hand-quilt through. So I'm definitely avoiding that dilemma at the moment!

  5. I blog for many reasons and sometimes it feels very odd because it's kind of like putting your diary out there for the public to read. It makes me feel vulnerable at times but in the long run I think (especially when it comes to quilting) that vulnerability has ended up helping me find others to help and inspire me more.

    I blog to record my life, to share my life with friends/family, to find inspiration from others, to share what I've learned in hopes of helping others, and to seek help from others when I'm lost and/or need inspiration.


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