Two progress shots of the same quilt? No!
the top one is Merrill's, the bottom is mine. 

Yesterday Merrill & Sabrina came over for a play date, but the moms ended up playing more than the kids!

Merrill started her diamond star about a month ago, not really sure if she was going to like it, but man, she got obsessed pretty quickly. :)  So quickly that she started to get bored of her own scraps so we arranged a playdate for her to paw through my stash.  I have been offering to share fabric since I found out she quilted when we met last year.  I said, "come over, I have a lot of fabric.."  But over the phone she politely hesitated that she didn't want to just take my fabrics.  Haha!  once we got cozy and gave the kids some toys, I brought over my bin of fat quarters for her to start with.  After that she went through the drawer of "less than FQ" scraps, as I pulled brights from my shelves of yardage.  Some point in the middle she got a bit overwhelmed and said she totally didn't feel bad about taking my fabric anymore, I clearly had enough to share. 
Oh, and I was happy to do so!  It was so nice to have another quilter in the house!

 Even though she's blogless, Merrill said she'd join the quilt-along anyway.  It really amazes me how many of my friends are spending their time piecing the same quilt as I am.  Our playdate definitely renewed my interest in Travel Q#3, and I basted more diamonds this morning.  Once my quilts are all ready for next week's quilt show, I'll try to spend a bit more time on this one.  They grow fast if you let them..


  1. Let's us diamond EPP-ers have a fabric swap! Although I need 6 x same fabric for mine, and you guys are doing all scrappy... Maybe we can work it out. Your quilts look great! I can't decide if they look more tumbling blocks or white stars!

  2. What fun you are having!! Thanks - your quilts look wonderful and it was fun to see little George in his camping hat!! Looks like Sabrina is thinking about taking up quilting too!

  3. Those twin quilts are so lovely, it makes me want to try EPP... maybe when I finish the two I'm in the middle of! :-)

  4. If I hadn't sworn off hexagons, I'd sure love to try this!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. The diamond stars look fabulous and the babies are beautiful!


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