sometimes it just takes one little thing to set ideas into motion

for me, it was this:
I was tired of having random spools of thread all over my sewing table and then knocking them on to the floor when I pulled a large quilt through the machine.  Yeah, I have thread holders.  two of them,

and they are even nicely mounted on the wall, but I found I wasn't really making the effort to get up and walk over there to put a thread away when I wanted to change colors.  The layout of my space wasn't really working for me.  So my original idea was to get a small thread holder that I could mount right next to where I sit at the sewing machine.   Yesterday I bought one and did just that.  But then...
I decided to rearrange the furniture, just adding the thread holder wasn't going to be enough and I had an epiphany about where to put all the big furniture pieces and make better use of the space in the room.  So I went from this:

to this:

 and now I can..
-access a larger surface of my design wall
-Sit further away from the design wall to get a better view
-use the wall shelving unit to hold all the crap that ends up all over my cutting table
-give George a safe place to play while i putter about
-protect my fabric from sunlight!
-use the walls to support a large quilt while machine quilting
-hang the small thread holder right next to the new spot i sit at the machine.
And overall have a more productive space!  This is very exciting.  Of course some random junk was displaced in the move (the old air conditioning unit, my yukata collection, that huge previously-hidden tub of vintage fabrics..) and I still need to find a new set up for the iron, but hey.. all in time.  Right now I'm very happy with it. :)


  1. looks great. your right sometimes it just takes one thing to get the ball rolling.

  2. It's looking good! I am jealous of your painted panelling. I need to find the time/energy to finally paint mine. My craft room is DARK right now.

  3. Your energy really paid off - it's looking good!! I have 2 thoughts (tips) for you. You should really get one of those plexiglass machine surrounds so that you have more work surface than just the small end of your machine. I've seen them in magazines and they custom make them for your individual machine model. I had one before I got the larger sewing cabinet and I LOVED it!! Also, I have a plastic 6 drawer on rollers cabinet which I keep right next to my machine table. I have my tools, notions, threads, scissors, etc. in that cabinet and it's right there for when I need it. If it's in the way, I just roll it in the closet or wherever. I enjoy checking in on you and I miss seeing George - how is he??


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