I thought this would be fun


  1. nice video...and you look fabulous! Love the turquoise quilt...and the winding ways one on the chair...

  2. So nice to hear your voice - love the concept - great idea. I liked what you said about your favoite area in the room - it makes you feel happy and I think we all have that little place in our rooms - the sisterhood of the quilt experience. Thank you!

  3. What a great idea to post a video! Thanks for taking the time. I agree with you, it helps us get to know you. I read a few blogs that have never included a photo of themselves! It's so anonymous.

  4. Love the video ... Love your new Quilty Space!
    I don't know how to do video - but I'll take pictures of my quilting room!

  5. Thank you for making this video! Your sewing space is lovely and I wish you lots of sewing joy in there!
    BY the way, I used to burn that exact incense too! LOL!


  6. I enjoyed this...I had to refrain from rearranging my sweatshop yet again...smiles

  7. Thank you. You are right, having a face and a voice is nice. When someone I care about moves into a new home, I really appreciate being able to see it so I have a place to imagine them in. It's similar when words that impact me are matched up to a person.

    I used to have a sewing room. Then I had a baby. Now, I have a table that collects all of the items I am not ready to deal with in addition to all of my crafting items. Not surprisingly, sewing has become an infrequent activity. So sad.

    I just found your blog & clearly love digging through archives...


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