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Accomplishments today:
  • Christmas tree is up.
  • found usb cord for the voice recorder (or, well, discovered that the cable from Scout will also work for the recorder..)
  • transcribed the first 2 minutes of a 5 minute oral interview for my Pedagogical Grammar paper.
  • read two chapters for Phonetics/Phonology class tonight (current topics: ambisyllabicity and stress attracting suffixes.  I LOVE this stuff!) *note: don't click the links unless you're an English language nerd/fanatic
  • Took pictures of the Spiderweb quilt which is done done done! (except for a trip thru the wash and burying a few last threads)
I used one of C's old Polo Ralph Lauren oxford shirts for the background and I would have made it bigger except that I ran out of shirt fabric and didn't want to splice in anything else.

The label was my 2nd attempt at piecing letters.  I pieced it into the back and quilted over it, so in case I have more kids in the future, there won't be any arguments over who this quilt belongs to.

I used the tutorial available on Bonnie Hunter's webpage and if I were to do it again (which I'd love to, but i have quite a few reservations), I'd use thinner paper for the foundations and remove it before stitching the blocks together.  I like how Bonnie uses deli waxed paper sheets for some of her foundation piecing, and I'd love to get my hands on a big box of the stuff (prefferably the 12" x 12" sheets) but the restaurant supply shop in my neighborhood is not open to the public and I don't have any friends in the restaurant business anymore.  If you know of anywhere I can look or buy some, please leave a comment!  I loved constructing this quilt and would really like to do another, but I can't do it on notebook paper again...

The next few weeks are jam packed with appointments, To-dos, and deadlines so I'm doing my best to stay on top of as much as I can.  right now I have a note book with 4 pages of lists going.. Do you have any secrets for surviving the hectic month of December?


  1. looks great Jessica! see you Saturday! I love that you left the POLO horse in their! ;-)

  2. Are you kidding me? Stress attracting suffixes are my research area! (Specifically, how stress information is coded when reading, since it isn't marked orthographically, as it is in some languages, such as Greek - as you probably know.) How did I not know you are into that stuff???

  3. Gorgeous quilt for George. Smart move to put his name on the back. I wish I had done that for my boys!

  4. Yeah! It looks so great. I love the polo horse in there too. You got a lot of fabric outta that shirt! See you Saturday ox

  5. I bummed a roll of 12 inch wide paper from my chiropractor occasionally. It's NORMAL use is to cover the head rests on his tables. It's thin, and PERFECT for piecing on.

    Call around and see if a local chiropractor and hook you up?

  6. wow, what a beautiful spiderweb quilt. i love the use of the polo guy on the one quilt block. such a neat detail!

  7. Wow - it turned out great! Good luck with all your deadlines. =)

  8. Love the quilt!! and LOVE the polo horse!! I use Carol Doak's Foundation papers for my paper piecing - but you could also try white wrapping tissue paper (since it is gift wrapping season - I'm sure there is plenty out there for a good price!)

  9. It's wonderful. Especially the little embroidery. Fun to remember where things came from!

    This is the first Christmas season I've not had a full time job for a long time and I'm suddenly so booked up with friends needing help with their shops that I think it will be my busiest December ever. So I'm not one to give advice on surviving the month!

  10. you can get boxes of precut waxed paper at places like costco and BJs.


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