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the first monochrome idea

I hesitated to show or post anything about this quilt for a long time ("long time" is relative, of course, I've been working on it since early October) because I didn't really know what I wanted to say or where this project was going, and I didn't want to be held accountable either.  But yesterday when I got ready to make my monochrome fabric for the 30-Day Challenge, I found myself staring at a full design wall and knowing that if I took it down to make room for something else, it would sit in the UFO pile forever.  Truth is, I lost momentum about 3 weeks into the project because I used up my fabric faster than I thought I would and got a bit lazy about staying creative to make the remainder into something interesting.   My original idea was to make it huge, 4 units this size (42" x 49"), all monochrome deep turquoise, in 7" or 14" blocks.  It went together quickly in the beginning and I was loving it.  Then, you know how it goes.  when momentum slows and then stops, you either put it aside or push on through.  I liked it too much to put it aside, so instead I started thinking about other ways to make this one chunk into something cool. I played around with border ideas yesterday and came up with something I like, so last night I did some cutting and sewing, and with a thin inner border attached, I came up with the great(?) idea to incorporate some hand applique in a wide outer border.  Hand applique?  I love when I have great ambitions..
You know, it's either set it aside and wait 2-3 years til inspiration strikes, or tackle it right now and choose a plan that's almost destined to stall or fail.  I feel like once the applique gets a bit stitched down I'll show it to some people and they'll encourage me to keep going, right?  Stay tuned for the next installment of the story...


  1. I can't wait to see the next installment.....

  2. I love it! Great mix of blocks, love the circle block. I would keep pressing on.

  3. thanks you guys. Lisa, i just acquired a 7" drunkards path template and I was planning to use it for more blocks, but that idea got scrapped in favor of throwing a tiny bit of color into the thin border... we'll see if more curves are in this quilt's future..

  4. Wow, that's really great! I kind of wish it would get made into the giant quilt -- I love the mix of scale in it. But it's cool like this too. I can't wait to see what you're up to with the border.

    Been cutting up your 2-inch strips?

  5. Very amazing! I love the mix of block sizes. Very excited to see pictures of the border - I am always so amazed at how much you are able to quilt when you have a 2 year old AND are going to grad school!

  6. I just checked you blog and I am in awe of your quilts......... I haven't had the courage to try a monochrome quilt but yours has given me some ideas.

    You are listed ad Noreply so I had to respond this way..............

  7. Wow, that is looking great! I have been saving bits of fabric in this tone for years with a plan in mind. It is hard to find stuff that goes as well together as yours.
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving. Thanks for your comment on my blog.


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