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Lazy Winter Break

it's so nice not to be in school year round.  Of course being so close to the end of my program, I can't slack all break (the library is calling my name.. a research topic is buried there and I must find it before the end of January), but it's nice to have a lower daily stress level and get to enjoy lazy days with George. 
Totally inspired by blogland, I have been doodling while he colors.

He likes it because he can color in the feathers as I go.  I don't have a quilt ready for quilting yet, but with my month in 2 bees coming up soon, I'm hoping 2011 will see me at the machine a lot.  I'm ready to try some new things..

Merry Christmas!

I must have been a very good girl this year...
Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!!

Raise your hand if you've been working on a binding this week!

What is it about the end of the year that makes us all frantically try to finish SOMETHING quilted before the calendar changes years?

For me it is this quilt, which as of right now doesn't have a name, but I'm leaning towards "Stashbuster 2010."  Please let me know if you have any better suggestions.

What?  you're wondering why you haven't seen this quilt before?  No, I didn't just whip it up in the week since my last blogpost.  It has actually been in progress since the spring..  Inspired by this corner of the quilt I bound last December, I wanted to try to make something that
Used colors I actually decorate with.used up a lot of stash fabricsLooked simple yet held surprise areas of cheerful detail. (See, I've been playing with monochrome for a while now..) I got it back from Shannon earlier this week and though I had wanted to have it finished and under a tree in a different state by Saturday, that's just not a possibility at this point.  The rec…

Logic, where it was meant to be

Jacki sent a pic of the miniquilt on her dormroom wall.  Perfect, no? 

Of course now I want to make the coordinating quilt all the more...

Thank you~

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes throughout the week.  I think in the last 2 weeks I realized why I needed to change blogs from Littleshika to Life Under Quilts... I guess in my 20s I tried really hard to project an image of who I wanted to be, especially in online communities.  It hit me last week that now that I'm in my 30s, I'm much more comfortable being me.  I don't need to hide behind cutsy icons or made up self-images.  I've never struggled with self-confidence, but still, it's really freeing to know that I'm happy with myself, including how I present myself to others.  I feel content to be a grown-up.

I learned a lot about you guys too, and wow!  ask for anonymous comments and you'll get them!  I had a total of 40 comments on my last post, the highest ever for this blog. Thanks everybody~
The average age of my commenters is 36.  The ages ranged from 22-64, and only one reader is the same age as I am.  Thank you so much for playing alon…


Ok, before I get into the body of this post, today is my birthday and I'm 31.  After a discussion at the Metro Mod mtg yesterday, I'm curious to know how old you are.  Please take a second and post an anonymous comment with your age only.
Just trying to get a grasp of blog-reader-demographics.  please play along :)
Ok, now on to the fun stuff..

How wonderful it was that the NYC Metro Mod guild meeting happened to fall on my birthday weekend!  So I baked these, which were so yummy.  The quilting was amazing, as usual.  I am continually amazed at the versatility of these quilters.  One meeting it's EPP hexies, the next a super huge log cabin, and another time it's a totally modern free form block of solid strips.  (Yeah Mary, it's all you).  I love learning about these artisans through just a glimpse of what they choose to share at each meeting.  It's like reading a really good book but you only get to read one chapter every 2 months.  It's not so much drama a…

16 patches

How did I not see this until now?

I have heard this book mentioned a bunch of times in my years hanging out in quilt-blogland, but it wasn't until last week that I was curious enough (or smart enough?) to do an interlibrary loan search and request it.  I want to own this book, is it still in print?

there is so much in here.  I mean, so much good information/inspiration.
but this week, i'm in love with 16 patches, and the 16-patch-on-point border in specific. 

IN LOVE i tell you!

so I tried some, getting over my initial hesitation because the thought of stitching together sixteen 2" squares from a laid out block plan just seemed a bit too--- fussy (?) to me.  How in the hell would anyone want to suffer through doing that enough times to have the right amount of blocks for a border?!  (of course, you can see I didn't actually read the book before trying this, i just looked at some pictures... In my defense, I was technically reading it over Merrill's shoulder while sh…