These are:
  • the grades I hope to get on my papers this semester (school's going fine, btw)
  • the first letter of the alphabet that George can recognize by sight
  • what happens when you try to spell out your long Greek last name for the back of your quilt (only 9 more letters to go!)
I got in a little quilting today.  I'm going to take these letters nice and slow and then piece them into the backing even though it means I might not get it basted or quilted til the spring.  So long as I'm at the binding stage by June, I'll be happy.

I spent some time updating the layout of my blog and adding "pages"-- I want to have photos of all my quilts in one place, but blogger is not making it easy for me to edit the page and put them in chronological order.  I think I have to go back and upload them in the order I want them to appear.  Pain in the ***


  1. I love this idea! Might have to copy that one. :-)

  2. I hope you get all the A's at school!! hehe! you do have along last name! good luck with that! ;-)
    your blog redo looks great!

  3. I think I am making a quilt blanket for Ayane....!? I think you can call it a quilt. Not like yours sew sew sew but using sewing machine. sewing strips together... I have to get...quilt safety pin kinda thing!? the book says. wish me luck.

  4. or the amount of A's I'd need for my FIRST name. :)

    i should try piecing some letters one of these days. yours are lovely!


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