Clearing my head

Sometimes life starts to move really fast and really slow at the same time.  School started and I've got something like 110 pages to write (4 different papers) in the next 3 months.  Two of these papers don't have topics yet, and I've been racking my brain and scouring scholarly journals in the last few days to try to come up with something that (1) I like, (2) my professor likes, (3) and that I can reasonably write a 40+ page research paper on before graduation.  Easy enough, right?  But it wasn't.  Let's just say I was being a bit naive about the research aspect, and a couple of hours doing hard time in the University library basement has woken me up to that fact.   But it's ok.  Now I know.  And I can do it, I just need to choose a topic..
So my mind was racing.. but then on the other hand, the NYC Mod guild meeting was coming up and I had *shock!* nothing for show and tell!  I had been drudging along on an overdue X-mas present that I just wasn't feeling anymore.  I was sick of piecing stars.  Twice I went into the sewing room with time on my hands and I just stared around blankly, waiting for a project to tell me it needed to be done. 
There was an imbalance, too much on the school side, not enough on the quilting side.  I needed something to clear my head, to give me something to dive in and focus on. 
I was sorting through old emails (yes, that's how lost I was) and came upon a link to this blog, and this quilt.  And I remembered AmandaJean's recent post about creating a simple stash quilt once a month.. and I thought, I can do this.. I should do this.
So from Thursday afternoon to Friday night, I put all my energy here.
George helped me sort fabrics, I ironed and cut 10.5" squares in the family room as he played.  After he went to bed I drew diagonal lines, paired, pieced, pressed, cut them apart, & pressed again. 
Friday after he went to bed I squared them up (I was jotting down paper topic ideas at the same time), laid them out, and pieced them together.  I made a whole quilt top in a 36 hour time frame.  I don't think I've done that for a long time.  
I have affectionately dubbed this my "Procrastination Quilt #1"-- allowing room for future projects of the same nature.  And boy do I feel better. 
I showed it at the guild mtg yesterday and was happy to hear other quilters say that sometimes you just need that.. something big and quick, to play with forgotten fabrics, to do something completely out of line with your previous/current creative path.  The strange thing was that I had been deathly afraid of HSTs for, um, forever, until about last fall.  I could do them, but didn't like the process.  Making them very big and having them go together so easily has given me a new found admiration for the unit. 
Ok, the Metro Mod meeting yesterday was a blast, as usual.  I'll try to get pics and a recap up before school on Wednesday..


  1. sometimes all you need to do to make it all better is pet some fabric....then hack it into quilty bits :)

  2. What I found with grad school papers is that they like to come in big chunks. I could work on one for a week and write a page and then write 20 pages in a few hours. And, choosing a topic always seemed like it was half the work of the whole thing. Good luck.

    The quilt is lovely - I wish I had a stash like yours. =)

  3. Did you ever see the movie "How to make an American Quilt" ?Wynona Rider starts and does not finish a lot of grad papers until the end when she does something about women quilting or crafting together ! Just a thought !

  4. The quilt is nice. The colors just pop. A topic will come to you, they always do.

  5. Fast, fun, and fabulous--that top really glows in person, and I can't believe it was so quick, nice work! Good luck with all your writing!

  6. OOOOhhh 110 pages!! I think that is giving me a headache. You'll do it great though! No worries. And your quilt top is wonderful! I did something on a smaller scale a few weeks ago for the same reason. Sometimes you just gotta sew! ox

  7. Sometimes it is necessary to create and complete quickly to make room for the satisfaction and desire to go back to our oh so complicated creative ideas...smiles. it is lovely...happy quilting on your new machine..

  8. Love the new quilt - the colours work great together and it looks like you have more than conquered the HST. As for the papers, take heart! My best ideas always come in the shower - something about hot water on the noggin seems to do the trick. You can do it!

  9. It's lovely! Good luck on the paper topics. As you can see, I'm behind on everything, but I'll send you an email about the meeting and the fabric here in a minute!

  10. It was so nice to meet you at the NYC Metro Mod meeting! I loved that quilt in person too. Sometimes you just need that little nudge to get things done. It is amazing what you can do with lots of fabric and very little time. By the way, I absolutely am in love with your 60 degree diamond quilt!! Simply fabulous!

  11. your quilt top is LOVELY!!! your color choices are fantastic! I also love that the blocks are huge. what a great impact! (i am glad that you noted that you were making a list of topics while you were quilting. it's a good time to think when the hands are busy. i jot down things all the time when I'm quilting.)

  12. Love hearing a bit of this back story! When I was in an intense weekend program, a few hours at the sewing machine could put me back into alignment mentally and physically. Glad to see it works for others too!

    p.s. Love seeing your letters in progress!


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