Travel Q #3

Merrill & I were discussing the progress of our diamond stars and she said she's all excited to choose border fabrics.  Wow.  well, I know I'm not really close to that point yet, but she got me thinking.  I thought I'd play around in the stash and see if I could come up with anything suitable.  What do you think?
First, a shot of how big it is (sorry, i took these quickly and they're a bit blurry):
And now for the auditions.. 
#1-- bilaterally symetric bumble bees & clover.  I love this print, it's been in the stash forever.  I'd love to use it, but not in this quilt.  Too orderly.  Not bold enough.

#2-- Nice, bold.  I could be happy with a large scale print, but this one doesn't have any red.  I'm feeling the need for red in a multi-colored print..

#3-- Or I could stay with a single color.  If I had to choose today, I think this Valori Wells print is my favorite.  Too bad I only have a yard.  If I were buying fabric I'd hurry and find some online.  But I'm going to try not to do that.  Maybe I'll ask around about a trade?

#4-- tiny cherry blossoms on blue.  No.

#5-- a nice bright blue polkadot.  Love it, but not for this border..

#6-- red/orange/pink plum blossom print?  If I did a thin contrasting border first, maybe.  But I really don't want to do 2 borders on this one.

So, what are your thoughts/opinions?  What do you think my bright busy star quilt needs?


  1. The Valori Wells does it for me. I'll check and see if I have any of that - I know I bought some yardage of that line that I haven't used, but I can't remember if I got any of that print.

  2. My favorite is #5 followed by #4 then #6.

  3. You are going to think I am totally crazy and it's not even one of your options, but I love the striped rug in the first shot. I really thought that was a piece of fabric for auditioning. haha, I guess my brain is frozen.

  4. Such a tough decision! I like the bold multi-colored ideas to tie into all the color in the quilt but I also love the contrast of the blue dot (#5). How big are you going to make it?

  5. I vote for the stripes. Orange and blue dot are tied for 2nd.

  6. I like #3! Gorgeous color, and it goes with the reds. :-)

  7. I think I like the Valorie Wells the best but I just LOVE the stars! How gorgeous!!!

  8. I like the contrast of #5, and the way it brings out the blues from some other stars. But whatever you choose, this is going to be amazing when it's done!

  9. Wow, I didn't even know it was going to be bordered! To me, the way the outer row of stars is surrounded by red is all the border it needs. What about finishing it at the star blocks edge?

  10. I vote for the rug too -it's got great colors and fun to have a different pattern. gorgeous blocks and colors!!!

  11. You can stop by stars as now, the edge will be in the form of the stars, excuse my bad english !

  12. i just saw that i'm not the only one .. but i love your rug the best :)


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