a conversation with myself

-Yay, spring is coming, I can take quilt photos outdoors!
-Um, wait.  But my grass looks absolutely horrible.
-Nobody's looking at the grass, silly!  it's a quilting blog!

I think I'm nearing the half-way point with this.  I want to make a handful of colored ones and play around with them before I piece the section on the upper right.  It's getting heavy so it's much easier to piece portions and then add them to the whole. 

Oh, oh, and tomorrow, I will be playing over here!  I've been a-flutter all day.  my suitcase is packed (damn that Janome weighs a TON!), I just hope I can sleep tonight.  yay!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  2. I just LOVE this quilt. If you can't find a home for the completed project just send it my way! Just gorgeous!

  3. Its looking lovely.
    You know I am up at 8 which is early for me on a saturday, my reason? Thinking about my quilt!!

    I think I've made the descision to quilt around the hexagons and stars, with a plain white backing so I get a subtle effect. There will be a little something extra on the back but thats a suprise!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I didn't notice the grass until you said something about it! The quilt looks amazing. =)

  5. Love, love, love this quilt! It is a great idea to write the date and place on some of the stars.

  6. It's absolutely incredible. Wonderful blog and beautiful quilts you've made.


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