unintended consequences

There's a fun and catchy drive in some quilting circles to be spontaneous and improvisational all the time.  Usually, I love it.  really, I am not someone who likes to be told what to do, so rules & patterns never appealed to me. 
But sometimes too much improv can have unintended results.
Case in point:  my doghouse block.
Cute, no?  I knew something was off as I pieced it, totally spontaneous and unplanned. 

I had trouble with the set-in puppy and getting the grass level, and I ripped out one seam, cut down excess fabric --never any waste, just new scraps :) 
I was going for a  house block with character, so I added in a cute dog,  but my proportions were off.  at one point I was about to trim the roof, but thought it would make it look dog-housey.  Ended up looking that way regardless. Oh well, back to the drawing board (maybe a plan would have helped in the first place..) Nothing lost but a little time, and in exchange I gained some experience and another block for my future Orphan Soup quilt...

Have you made any good mistakes lately?


  1. Hey Jessica, I LOVE the dog house block! Your doggie looks very happy! Way to cute!!!

  2. looks good to me too! will be nice to see him in a quilt someday.
    Dawn in MA

  3. Good mistakes? No, not really. I'm just working on some teeny tiny paper piecing so there are lots of BAD mistakes but not any good ones. I need to find some of those though!


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