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Letters complete!
We went to the beach on Sunday and George had a great time searching for shells.  He wouldn't hold still for a photo, so I took one of us instead.
When I tried to get C to pose and make a good shadow, this is what he did to me.. the Greeks give horns instead of bunny ears.  how romantic. (I have a photo of C doing this to his mom, I can only guess it's an affectionate gesture..)
The bulge is my purse, btw.  My butt is big, but not that big.
I'm experimenting with the gorilla pod I got for my birthday.  I was able to get a photo of both hands by attaching the camera to the buttons of my sweater.  Neat, huh?
I made this block for Tanya, for her month in the Rosey Little Bee.  I tried string piecing onto tissue paper and it worked pretty well, tearing off with ease.  Putting the 4 blocks together though was tricky, the bias edges (especially of the toile), stretched more than I was used to.  I have always left the paper on until after I pieced the whole top when paper/string piecing and it has always been a challenge to get the paper out of the seams, so I tried something new and .. i need to keep trying.  Shannon said something about piecing onto plain newsprint, has anyone tried it?


  1. love your SAND - you've got a great way to do S and D! I think that's a hoot to have the horns in the pic, esp when there are more family photos with the same. I use plain newsprint and quite like it. getting paper out of seams is fiddly no matter what. diamonds are the worst so the last set I did I ripped the paper off before joining them and yick, decided as hard as it is, would rather do paper last...

  2. I piece on phonebook paper with a small stitch.. the paper fall straight away.. perfectly, and it doesn't rip your seams open...
    Love the letters! I need to go see what a gorilla pod is... lol! not knowing makes me feel old

  3. My one block that I did for the string blocks of the mystery quilt was done on phone book paper and it came off pretty easily. I don't have much experience though. Good luck!

  4. Carol Doaks is a paper pieceing teacher. SHe has a bunch of books ... she also has the best paper. I have never had a problem getting the paper off the blocks when the whole top is completed. I was in a bind a while back and the local dollar store had children's sketch pads (for $1)with 50 sheets. These worked pretty well but some fell off before I was done.

  5. Love your diamond star quilt. Absolutely gorgeous.
    And I think this is the first time I've seen my blog on a side bar! :)
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure I'll come by here more often.

  6. Love your string pieced block! I use phone book pages too. Another way to remove it here:


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