collaborative quilting

As much as I love this aspect of  the "modern" quilt movement, with all the virtual bees and group projects in guilds, today I want to show you a much more personal type of collaboration where two people work side by side to create one project, a little bit at a time. 
Removing pins is one way that George contributes to my process. Sure, it slows me down some, but sometimes it's nice to go slow.
And this is what we were working on (crappy pic, the sewing room gets terrible light in the afternoon).  These are my blocks for the Rosey Little Bee.  I had January '11 and so far I got back 8 blocks from the participants (there are 13 of us, so 4 more should be coming).  My favorite block so far is by Pam. Awesome, no?  This was a UFO I started last year sometime, inspired by a quilt I saw at the 2009 Empire Guild show in Manhattan (read more here).
I like how it's coming along.  I've got a handful of half-finished blocks that I've been working on slowly.  The one George and I finished today is the middle one on the right side.


  1. I just love that George wants to be included in the quilting process! How cute is he! I'm sure he'll be whipping up quilts in the near future. Love your blocks!

  2. omgosh I'm so glad you found me!!!

    Had I not already finished a huge diamond quilt top I so would have joined your group!

    I'm quite excited to follow you though, as this is my favourite pattern


  3. Go George! It's great to share quilt time with little ones. Good for you for including him. Memories are being made. :)

  4. It reminds me of this quilt that I love. Really cool so far! And great that George wants to help!


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