I better write my Paros post quick,  before I forget how wonderful it was.

What can I say?  It was amazing, quite possibly the best vacation I've ever had in my whole life, and I came home feeling totally relaxed. (or, well, I came back to the hectic yucky mess that is Athens but for the first time, I was so happy I didn't even care).

We stayed at the Anezina Village Hotel in Drios, which I highly recommend (should you ever find yourself needing a vacation in Greece).  When we got in the bungalow, I found this sign in the kitchen:
What?! Composting at a hotel?  I was in love.  Turns out they have their own gardens and grow all their own produce.  Totally cool, not to mention delicious.
We visited before the tourist season really started, and for the first few days, it seemed like we had the island all to ourselves.  The beach anyway..  It was very peaceful and relaxing. 

We would spend a few hours at the beach (Costas windsurfing, George building sand castles, me-- quilting, of course!) each day and then after a nap, head to one of the small cities or towns to walk around. 

I read Jennifer Chiaverini's Cross Country Quilters at the beginning of the trip and it put me in a good mood all week.  It had been so long since I read a novel for fun, I forgot how captivating they could be.   And then, bizarrely enough, it turned out that one of the women staying at our hotel was also a quilter, from Idaho!  (Hi Colleen~)  She noticed me piecing stars while watching George on the playground and we got to talking.  It was fun to connect over quilts in the midst of a non-quilt-related vacation, hehe.

I want to sort through my photos and write another post about the quilting I did while I was there.. soon, I hope.


  1. Sounds like a great vacation and really restful too! How funny is that meeting another quilter from the states while there?

  2. Wow! I hope to go sometime. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. absolutely lovely and oh sooooo serene...i love greece...

  4. Wow, composting!! And so gorgeous. Sounds like fun. Miss you here but see you soon!

  5. Fabulous, Jessica! As greenbuilders and environmentalists..this makes my heart sing. YES!

    And the scenery? and the food? and the fun? I've got green eyes, need I say more?

  6. I haven't visited enough lately - and for that I'm sorry! This post is fantastic & I love it. Thank you for sharing your vactioney-ness!! Looks wonderful.

  7. That looks wonderful! My husband wants to show Greece to me (he has been to Corfu, Kos and several times to Crete), maybe next year...


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