Same old, same old.

It's been 10 days, I bet you're wondering how my trip to Athens is going..

Really, it's not as glamourous as it sounds.. a little food,

a little social unrest,

a lot of family,
(woops, guess I didn't upload those pics off the camera yet.)
and some quilting in the car during naptime. (yes, i forgot the tripod, sorry for the dusty dashboard)

Tomorrow though, we're headed to Paros.  I'm sure I'll get some good photos, but I won't have any internet access to share them!  Please check back in about a week when we'll be in Athens again..


  1. Ooh I was just saying this morning I'd like to go to Athens, I'm reading a book set in athens.

    I've finished my quilt!!!

    I wont be revealing til July, though cos I'm away too.

    Enjoy Greece!

  2. are a riot.. I love the posting. Smiles.

  3. Hope you have a great week at Paros!


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