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For Lisa

The end of the month never seemed to be such a big deal to me before, but now that I'm in so many (too many?) bees, it always seems like the month is over before I know it.
Lisa was queen bee for July in the NYC Metro Mod guild bee.. she sent a red triangle and told us to do whatever we wanted with it.  I knew I'd make a house (one of these days I want to make a house quilt for myself..), but didn't like my first attempt (dark sky) so I tried a second.  A bit better, but maybe the chinese folk toy fabric (Alexander Henry, 2004) was too big of a scale for this project.  They'll stand out anyway..

p.s. getting the hang of twitter slowly.. not so obsessed that I've stopped sewing yet.


  1. I love house blocks like these - love seeing the little characters in the doorway or windiws. Like you, I think I have to make a house quilt for me too!

  2. Oh so cute! Thanks Jess, love them!


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