that's how I feel right now.  After reading lesly's post about talkin' tuesdays and they fun they've been having, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link to Twitter
Oh no.  I so did not need to do that.  I have been living a very full life without tweeting about it for 31 years.. but I got sucked in.  or, well, I'm in the "overwhelmed" stage, as they say.

So quick, help.  Do you tweet?  How does it all work?  How long til I make sense of it all?

And how do I get this photo to be my profile pic?
It doesn't seem to let me crop the pic down the way facebook does. 

Ok, deep breath, I know I'll figure it out eventually.  (So much for the 3 quilts I wanted sandwiched and quilted before the end of the month) 

Why do I feel like that girl at the party whose friends just pulled her unwillingly onto the dance floor?
If you are on twitter, please tell me who you follow..


  1. I don't twitter...I just opened a Facebook account today, so I have that to figure out...I know how you feel!

  2. lol!! Nope, I avoid Twitter. It annoys me. But maybe I'm just an old fogey at 42. :)

  3. Lyn~
    that's how I felt! until cool quilt bloggers that I respect started talking about how much fun they were having over there, with other quilters.. and I'm not one who wants to be left out of a quilty party...

  4. Yeah, I have a twitter account, but haven't really used it. I have no idea what I'm doing! Don't teach me!!! As it is I read too many blogs and do't sew enough. hahaha.

  5. I am a FB addict and now that I have a blog I am looking at everyone's life there, too! I just can't tweet along with it!! Wow the world has just gone way to plugged in!!

  6. I think Twitter is fun! I also follow a lot of geeky academic stuff as well as quilty stuff, so it's always good for some interesting reads. Not to mention Talkin' Tuesdays - they are a riot. I have not jumped into #gdas (Get Drunk and Sew) on Fridays yet, however.

  7. New follower to your blog here. *wavin'* I'm on Twitter & FB. I keep FB for my "family" stuff but and Twitter for my ME stuff like quilting. I've been to Talkin' Tuesdays. I haven't done #gdas either. Unfortunately, my #talknt time has been shortened too. My urchins have been keeping me busy. Talkin' Tuesdays is a good place to meet people really. Pat Sloan, Cara (host of #talknt)& Kimberly Jolly (Fat Quarter Shop) are a few of the pals I've made. It's a fun time.

    Hey, a lot can be said in 140 characters y'know. :-) LOL!

  8. Sounds like fun...I have a twitter account but have never used it. I seem to have some kind of block about it :( If you have managed to figure out how to play on twitter, I'd love to hear about it.


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