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isn't it fitting to make a spiderweb quilt in October?
I don't remember when I cut and pieced the first triangles for this one, with it's soothing taupe background, but I have been focused on it for the past week, and I hope to continue through the fall.  There really isn't a deadline, I want it to be big, big enough for our tall queen sized bed (at least 100" x 100"), and I don't really have the money to have it quilted yet, so I'm not rushing. 
I've wanted to make this one since I finished George's and daydreamed about it countless times as I pet the one that covers his bed.
New bedroom, new bed.  The quilt finally fits!
I love this pattern.  I love string quilts, but the spiderweb is very balanced, yet there's still so much to look at.  I'm happy that I've worked on a bunch of projects since I finished the first one, so my strip scrap stash is new, different, and overflowing. 

In this first set of blocks I've pieced, I'm subconciously drawn to coral-reds and yellows.  I was amazed at the lack of blue strips.. I don't like to give it much thought as I string piece-- choosing more based on size and contrast than color, but when I notice an unintentional theme emerging, I try to mix things up again. 

It's funny that even after just 16 triangles, or 4 blocks, I'm already bored of the strips in the scrap bin I've been pulling from.  I allowed myself to rifle through the misc-sized scrap bin and pull some strings, but I don't want to just take out all the pretty ones.  The uglies will never get used up if I keep passing them over, and who knows, when pieced in next to another block, the uglies might get cute again.
Have you seen AmandaJean's whole-cloth quilt?  that backing fabric, I totally understand what she mean when she said that she didn't know if it was horrible or beautiful, but there, in the quilt it ended up in, the fabric was perfect.  See, you never know..


  1. I'm so drawn to spiderweb quilts now! I came across one on the Pickle Dish blog and put together some border alternatives for her in EQ7. Now I want to make one! I like your neutral - but not white - background fabric, too.

  2. I know what you mean about gravitating toward the same color choices, I do it all the time and have to keep an eye on that too. Don't you just love spider web quilts! I have been toying with starting another one too. I might try a smaller block size, but who knows! oxo

  3. Hey girlie! we missed you yesterday! Boo had spinach triangles in honor of you for lunch...
    ;-) spider is looking good!

  4. Your spider webs--both of them look great!! Keep adding those ugly scraps. Want some more? Your taupe background is brilliant.

  5. Spiderwebs are so much fun. Although when I made the ones out of your scraps I did stop when I got tired of making them. But they do make a great quilt. Love the taupe. Bonnie

  6. Looks really really nice!! Never tried it before but definately worth adding to my list!!!

  7. Fabulous quilt blocks! I love the colors; I should start making one to use up my scraps. Happy quilting!

  8. Awesome! Makes me want to start work on my spider web again - just need to find the right border and backing for it and it's done. Are you doing a rocket/space theme for George? That is what we did for Dominic's big boy room and he loves it (I almost bought that lamp for it which is why I noticed).


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